Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hair improvement . .thanks to Diet

Once a Client has connected with us they are always on our list, no matter the issue.This also means that we are given feedback over the weeks, months and years. It is this that, for us anyway, is lovely, not only does it show that our Clients realise the benefit of the suggestions given but they reap the rewards long term . . . . naturally and with little or no medication and continue to report back afterwards on regular intervals.

For those who have requested an individual diet to be scanned for their specific chemical balance or health issue, more often than not, the positive signs are noticed and noted after the first 24 -36 hours, perhaps we can share a few of the signs with you.

Skin improves
Bowels improve
Stomach ache improves
Acid reflux disappears
Anxiety levels straighten out
Headaches disappear
Blood Pressure settles

to name just a few.

Naturally it takes time for the goodness within the positive foods to get to the organs /muscles / bones / hair roots, but over time each one of these improve.

Having just received an email today from another Client who we were asked to help, nearly two years ago, we are delighted to say that she continues with good health, but more to the point, even her hair dresser is noticing the change in the strength of her hair . . . She has also managed to lose a healthy amount of weight giving her more energy and stamina to keep going. This is great news.

After about two weeks of being on her diet one of her many comments were ' my hair even feels better and my finger nails look so much better'

Thank you D for forwarding your thoughts . . . as you often say it will hopefully encourage others to listen to their own chemical balance needs.

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