Thursday, 26 December 2013

That post Festive 'Never again am I going to eat so much'

but you do, every year you say, ' this year I am not going to eat so much' but the smell, the variety of choices of meats, vegetables or desserts always wins no matter how much you say you wont indulge.

So let's dissect Christmas -  what happens,

For the kids - it's often presents and sweets galore a.k.a. a much larger intake of a variety of negative (for each individual and on an individual basis) sugar intake resulting in numerous behavioural and emotional issues as well as the upset stomachs, 'red ear' scenario.

For adults, it's eat, drink and be merry, but often the type of food and liquid consumed is totally different to the rest of the year -  often richer, in sauces, desserts and alcohol which more often than not creates, more or less immediate, issues such as

"Raised blood pressure'
"Acid reflux"

or a number of other health issues.

If you have been suffering from any of the above issues, then, now is your chance to change it and be prepared for your next Session of Festivities, this being New year, but this time without having the after effects.

Give your body this chance . . . . this will not mean that you need to stop eating or drinking, it will just mean that you eat foods that are better for your specific chemical balance . . .

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