Sunday, 22 December 2013

Carla and Koala . . . two new elephants on our list to do

Continuing to comment and follow our most amazing animals of our planet  - the Elephants in their individual present circumstances, some sad, some extremely content some in absolute hell not fit for man nor beast. We have, as you know offered our services to any one who feels they would like to help a particularly ill elephant or one that they would like to understand better.

We have as you will be aware been working with Pearl from St Louis Zoo and now that she is on our list of Clients she will never go off it, no matter the situation.

Well, today after assessing a radio slot for Monday with Natural Health Radio live and one of their Hostesses Jackie Walker we returned to a lovely long facebook message from Katherine, co founder of Global Sanctuary for Elephants as a  reply to a number of comments that we had left over the last few weeks relating to certain Elephants. Their message, in a nut shell was asking if we would be interested in giving them some information on two elephants, one called Koala, and another called Carla both based at Rio Zoo.

After working on her for quite a while today it was clear that something is a bit pear shaped. We are picking up that she has a bowel, Stomach, Spleen, Oesophegus related issue, resulting in perhaps something similar to Acid reflux as well as an almost autoimmune issue or /food 

As you can see from this photograph Carla - supposedly 40'ish is extremely thin, and desperately needs some  extra food, but  more importantly she would really like  something painted on her walls . . a little girl of about 12 with strawberry blonde hair and a turquoise tunic with her hair in a bun, as well as a 13h chestnut pony with a flaxen mane and tail with a specific back drop. As well as this she would like to hear the sound of running water . .  wonder if the Zoo would allow this! 

She also desperately needs some extra food so that her present health issue can be addressed. 
Please contact Global sanctuary for Elephants for further details on foods needed. 

If you know any one in the Rio area please could you ask them to get in touch. Especially if they are Artists. In an ideal world Carla needs to be rehomed to a place where she can roam and  eat natural foods,  Mind you, all elephants need to be out of captivity, but sadly Rome wasn't built in a day. 

 Unfortunately though, due to her condition at the moment she needs filled up and her muscles built up before she could cope with much exercise. Sadly she has not been seen out of this pen for quite a while and often people just walk on by her, almost as if they don't know she is there. . .
.  . .which is concerning quite a number of people, please give this poor wee soul a voice of her own.

Please, if you happen to be visiting make a point of stopping off, and whispering softly to her . . . she is so sad and hangs on to one memory, a happy memory, but when will she ever be given this chance again . .  . it's up to us to help her. More on her tomorrow,

And here is Koala, heading towards a scratching pillar, she is quite a bit healthier looking and seems to occupy herself fairly well in  this concrete, soul and feet destroying area. Look out for her post tomorrow.

On behalf of all large animals in such a buildings as these, . . . you will be free soon.. . stay strong

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