Thursday, 5 December 2013

Microsoft Paul Allen - supporting elephants . . . thank you all who use the internet

This is in support of Elephants - 

Our founder has been a massive supporter of Elephants and has been active in many of the facebook pages relating to the dreadfully abusive way many elephants are treated. 

These are THE most gentle giants of our world and only react because of Memories or threats - NO DIFFERENT TO HUMANS.

We are delighted to read and announce that Microsofts Paul Allen is to fund Africa's wide elephants survey 2014 -  We feel this is partly thanks to the amount of 'people on the ground' who are supporting these amazing creatures through the various internet facebook pages and websites . . . please, if you support the safety and sanity of all elephants and wish to stop the cruel methods of the way these creatures are being poached and the way their young are hijacked, chained for months on end, their spirits totally broken, please visit as many elephant pages as possible and comment accordingly -  it is thanks to everyone who is in support of them that people with the financial backing can then go on board and speak for the 'genuine people of the world and not those who live in a bureaucratic Society. 

To learn more about this project go to this link or visit facebook pages such as  Save All Elephants and many of the other pages you will find therein . . .
On behalf of those who have been brutally murdered and the young who have known no freedom -  and those who are confined to the smallest of areas -  thank you.

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