Thursday, 20 February 2014

Alarming food news . . .

As you are all probably aware by now we are particularly concerned about the reaction foods have on individuals and from the diet sheets and successes our Clients have had by changing their diet to foods that are particularly good for their systems  we were horrified, but not surprised when we came across this link regarding Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it . If you have not either seen this article before or read it we would invite you to take 5 minutes out to read it. Perhaps this one might be of interest as well, if not a wake up call . . . Health Basics - The labels - all natural!!!!

As we stated on our facebook page, which covers just the surface of the different areas that we work on ' Each time we go shopping to the Mall, we totally cringe at the types of food people buy and often say to ourselves ' if only they knew', but for the years that we have been doing what we do, we have learnt to give a little hint to the person who might be hesitating over buying something, or if the person looks like a 'non listener' we think to ourselves . . . just you wait, you or your kids will suffer in years or perhaps even months to come . . .

Now, perhaps after reading the above article it might make you open your eyes and change your mind about what your eyes make you buy for yourself, your family and indeed your animals . . everyone can listen to their inner needs, it just takes a bit of training then you are off . . . we can help . . give the people you love the chance of a healthy diet, but more importantly one that suits their individual chemical balances.

It's your life and your choice whether you wish to lead a healthy life or unhealthy . . . 

One thing to remember, what happens in our lives can also play an important role on our chemical balances. For example, if you have had to have an operation with medication afterwards this can upset your system, just as stress, or a divorce or moving house or being pregnant or exams can change ones chemical balance. Add all this up, as well as the different ingredients in the foods we eat, some of which are negative then we are potentially producing a plateful of negatives all of which or at least some of which will take it's toll on you somehow, somewhere and sometime.

We seriously would ask you to step back and think about this and from the comments and testimonials within this blog and our website add the whole lot of information together and the conclusion would probably be '  you know, I had no idea how much damage I am doing to my system by buying this or that, and the only way we can stop the Producers from putting the negatives on the shelves is to STOP buying it'. At the moment we are right in the centre of the Producers Market, we do not have a say, well, actually our eyes are telling them what to put on the shelves but it is the producers who are creating the packages . . .

and these are just a few of the side effects.





Your health will find a healthy balance

If you wish to find out more or would like your system checked please feel free to contact us

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