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Tania the aching elephant from the Tirgu Mures Zoo in Romania

As you know we are extremely passionate about all animals but elephants our Founder has always treasured. With Tania's state of health and environment being brought to our attention  the below are our findings . . For those of you who noticed and signed the Petition to set her free - thank you but if you haven't but would like to do so, here is the LINK or join her facebook page HERE 

by our
Animal Behavourist/Communicator 
Nature's Physicians Global Health Mission


Tania's physical and mental state of health

Physical state of health

It is felt that the ligament and muscle damage on her legs, may have been stirred by an imbalanced walk initially due to pain and discomfort to the near toe to the left of the red mark on the diagram pointing to the ground. Perhaps it had been poisoned at some stage. With this elephant not having the freedom to roam on absorbent ground, or the freedom to soak or bathe in a river or to stretch as an elephant in the wild would do then her ability to maintain quality muscle mass will have been greatly reduced, therefore any weakness gained from any injury would not heal as quickly nor would the previous muscle mass be able to be rebuilt. If the concrete she stands on has no protective barrier or rubber matting on it, no matter how smooth or rough the concrete, whether wet from being hosed or wet from being soiled or indeed dry it will continue to bruise, scar, wear away skin and if she is not able to roam freely on naturally absorbant and often healing materials, stretch, swim, bathe, roll in mud then any muscle mass or healing will take a much longer period of time therefore reducing any wound to returning to be 100% health. The more accidents or injuries this size of an animal has the less likely a chance it has of recovering to 100% health especially if there is a lack of natural movement available. The miles and the materials this size of an elephant would generally walk on when in the wild naturally triggers a speedier healing ability because of the faster blood flow to all areas - ailing areas, muscle mass as well as the most important the heart muscles. Access, as mentioned below, to water/rivers/lakes is as important to an elephant as it is for us to sit down - it takes the massive weight off their feet and has a soft landing, How many elephants in captivity have a soft landing? Instead their massive bones lie (if their muscles are fit enough to let them lie down in the first place) on a solid and often freezing cold concrete slab! Natural water, in many areas, is also known to have many natural healing properties.

As a separate note water is an extremely important substance for all large animals – Rhino's Hippo's
Elephants etc – why - because it releases the pressure of their own weight pressure where as on solid ground they have to carry their own weight 24/7. In fact it's as important as hydrotherapy is for large boned and obese humans. So, although most elephants in captivity have access to a water bath – it is not usually either large enough or indeed soft enough for them at the bottom. In the wild one the main reasons for bathing is to prepare them for their next elephant march/mission, instead when kept on a hard base we ask them to walk 24/7 on extremely uncomfortable ground.

Concrete also has additional issues

1 - It is permanently abrasive

2 – If they have to walk on it when it is wet from being hosed, it doesn't matter how smooth it is but the concrete dust will get in to every crevice and stay there, irritating any wound.

3- If they walk on it where it is soiled you don't only have the dust particles doing damage but the combination of urine, faeces and concrete has a lasting burning effect therefore corrodes the skin, - no matter how tough it is – proof of this – take a look at any builders hands.

Using our scale method Concrete reads as follows :

Dry Concrete = -1

Wet Concrete (from hosed water) = -6

Wet Concrete from urine = -10

Wet Concrete from faeces = -8

Mental State of Health

Tania is bored, lonely and sad. She picks up on certain sounds and pitches which comfort her. These in the main come from higher speaking humans – mostly females. Their soft voices are comforting to her and the way she shows this is by rubbing her trunk. This is a sign of her trying to comfort herself - one of the areas where other elephants would comfort her if she was in the wild or at least in a herd that she was accepted by.

She would like out more than she is allowed. If she can not be amongst her own sort then she would like to have sounds of nature (a must is the sound of running water) in the background and not always the sound of screaming or shouting children. Although in saying this she does seem to find the sound of happy children fun and wishes she could be part of some form of fun instead of just having her own company and the plain walls around her. She would like more stimulating things around her for example trees or branches hanging from the walls, and not just the same dumped on the ground with things hidden in them for her to find . . . this has become a monotonous habit of humans. Having her food put in different places, different heights etc would be not only good stimulation for her but it would stretch her muscles and ligaments in areas that do not get stretched at the moment.

She would like access to a bigger mud bath and she hates the grey walls . . . perhaps when she is out of her cell someone could paint some things on her wall. This would be good for two reasons . . . an elephant is not used to grey walls and if there is a chance that she is released in due course then to have blue sky, trees, bushes, birds and other animals on the walls would be good for her and adjust her to what could become a new life in due course. If there is a chance of someone painting things on her walls please ask us first, because if you paint the wrong things or animals with the wrong expression then it would upset her. We have painted and instructed paintings to be done for other large animals and it is amazing what a therapeutic result it has on the animals. Even many a Vet has said what an amazing idea . . .

She would also like something soft to rub against, perhaps something like brush matting or tightly woven carpet could be attached on to a frame or somehow attached to the walls somewhere – a large piece though. The right hand side of the large brown gate seems to be the most positive area . As well as that part of the wall she would like something similar put on some of the upright concrete poles. Concrete is not a comforting scratching/comforting post!

With her not having been used to being with another Ele for so long it will take a bit of adjustment on her part but after about 6/7 weeks of gentle introduction she would accept an ele friend. This is where perhaps a piece of carpet/Brush matting cut to the shape of an ele would help her. If there was an angled part of the ceiling anywhere then a long mirror could be put in so that she could, when wanted see another ele (albeit herself) wandering around – this would also allow her to become acclimatised to a moving elephant.

If someone was allowed to create a painting it/they would have to be painted in a particular way. With a few lying down as well.

On behalf of Tania, please can someone somewhere help her with some of the above, as an interim if nothing else. It wouldn't cost much. We are sure the carpets could be donated, just as someone, we are sure, would be happy to paint some life size paintings for her, totally free of charge, and if no one will, then we will come over and do it for her.


So now to what this wee soul could do with, freedom is the obvious choice, but we fear she will not get this straight away . . . so in the interim, if she could get some of the above as well as, which is more important than anything . . manipulation to redirect the negative energy as well as the negative foods taken out of her diet. As you may all be aware certain sugars have a negative effect on these type of health issues in certain humans and there is no difference between them and certain blood types of animals. The next question is - Is there anyone there that could give her any manipulation - we noticed the guy in the video footage managed to handle her a bit - - is he the type or firstly would the zoo allow any of this treatment, and if so would the guy or someone - preferably a woman though, be allowed to give her this treatment . . we would give guidance as to where this manipulation needs to be done . . . In the meantime we will send her positive energy, but you can not beat one to one treatment.

Tania we are behind you as are many people, don't give up your time will come, but in the meantime we are all trying hard to make your life more acceptable to and for you.

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