Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thank you to Mike Rennard Film Producer and . . .

A huge thank you to Mike Rennard, Film Producer and Director, Alysoun Shadowcatfilms Sharpe, Film Producer and Jas Gibson Photographer and Cameraman for spending the majority of the day discussing Lauder Lass and the ethics behind Nature's Physician's Global Health Mission and the importance of giving all animals a voice. A huge thank you also to Denise and Caroline for keeping us all in check!

What a thoroughly enjoyable morning/afternoon and we look forward to discussing things further . .  Will keep an eye out for your Collie Documentary and Good luck at the Premiere Alysoun.

Mike looking forward to talking to the animals at the Zoo with you and to seeing the trailer of your latest film.

Jas - Sorry you had to rush away, good luck with your present project . ..  will try and book the Sunshine for the next time!


Our animals of tomorrow will continue to be encouraged to have their voice  . . . thank you.

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