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Seems like lazyitis but it could be 'The Procrastination bug'!

HURRY UP . . . 



COME ON  . . . GET UP . . . 







I need time to wake up, I'll be with you in a minute, when in fact it's another 45 minutes before you actually rise out of bed

While everyone is ready to go you say ' I must just go and do such and such - which isn't in fact important at all, or at least it may seem important to you but in the reality of things it is not'

I'm just coming . . .  45 minutes later and you still haven't appeared! 

You are left a list of things to do and even ask it to be repeated before the person leaves, but by the time they get back, not one thing has been done! instead you went on a ' different planet/ tangient'! 

You are asked to do something for yourself and say you will do it, but unless encouraged in the correct way, left to your own devices . . . nothing is done . . 

Suffering from a huge lack of self-motivation

You find yourself staring at a form or an official letter for hours on end but without  filling it in, you stare at it as if it is a sea of grey . . . 

You don't realise how long you spend in the toilet  . . . . and can be in there for an hour or more . . . sometimes 
staring in to space! 

You are asked to do a simple job but it seems to you like a mammoth task! 

If any of these ring a bell you should definitely read on  . . .

or do you ever find yourself having to say some of the above to someone? 

If so, please read on . . . . and take a look at some of the links provided . . . this is not someone just being awkward, this is an issue that with understanding from all involved can be resolved . . . please, give them a chance . . . .  

Whether you are the sufferer, the person at the brunt end of the stick or just a member of the family suffocated by what seems like someone suffering from, what we are going to call, in this instance anyway, lazyitis or perhaps we could use 'different plantetitis' this is a serious issue that only gets worse if the people around the sufferer are unaware of this being a genuine blip or temporary mental block or health issue. Instead it can often seem like the person is just putting things off to be awkward or intentionally deciding to do something at the last minute, which has the roll on effect of everyone being potentially late and others being disappointed by you being late.  Or it may be that there is an important issue or form that should be addressed straight away, but instead the sufferer looks and succeeds in finding something else to do, that they, when in Mr/Miss/Mrs Procrastination mode anyway, succeed in convincing themselves is more important even although the other people know the sufferers choice is not the most important thing to do. Sadly the more you try to tell the sufferer that such and such needs done, the less likely they are to do it and the more likely they will become paranoid that everyone is on their case. The roll on effect from this is that the sufferer will then go in to 'shut off mode' or be seen to be standing still perhaps staring in to space or he/she will have successfully managed to train themselves to use 'their way with words' to get out of doing something -

Please be assured this is not the sufferers fault, it is something that has, for whatever reason manifested in to a genuine issue that needs sensitive handling.

The first thing to do, as with many self damaging issues is to realise that you are doing it, but this is not always easy or straightforward. In fact unless you happen to be with someone who is knowledgeable of this type of an issue and who is able to catch you on a lucid moment to make you aware of it then it will be extremely hard to get to grips with it in the first instance and with your surrounding friends or family not being aware that there is such a known issue and getting frustrated with you purely because they are assuming you are just being lazy or awkward resolving this issue will not be easy. To them it will be just a case of 'get your act together' where as in fact to you it's like trying to climb Mount Everest on one leg.

The important thing to remember is that a- you are not on your own and b- there are ways to get over this.

The way we look at it is that Mr P has managed to control you, where as really what we want to happen is for you to be encouraged to be in control of Mr P - a.k.a. the Green Ogre!

Many individuals who suffer from Mr P manage to persuade themselves and often all around them that they have perfectly sound reasons for delaying the job that needs done. Once in this mode, unless there is someone,  strong minded but sensitive with it, around you then it will be a very hard thing to get to grips with it.

Mr P can cause issues, at home, in school, at college, at work, in relationships,  in the general public and self hygiene leaving you looking untidy.

For those around you, until they are aware of how to handle this type of an issue it causes frustration, confrontations, total misunderstanding of how you are feeling and potentially rejection, which is the last thing a Mr P sufferer needs.

There are numerous Web Sites out there but here are a couple to keep you going.

Procrastination Test

How to overcome Procrastination

or just type in to Chief Inspector Google  PROCRASTINATION and save any of the interesting Sites to file for you to read later on, or for you to pass on to those closest to you, so that they can actually start to understand where you are coming from, or if nothing else just to prove to them that you don't just suffer from lazyitis!

It takes someone with a lot of patience and the ability to cross your threshold at the right time to prove that actually getting that long awaited job done, WITH A BIT OF HELP  to start with, does actually encourage you to become more in control of Mr P rather than Mr P being in control of you.

Starting to set yourself mini daily goals within in a set timescale (using an alarm clock) also helps to get you back on track, perhaps with a little gentle prod, at the right time again, from someone who is prepared to understand where you are at will help as well.

Okay, so now to where does this all stem from . . . 

There are various areas where this kind of an issue could have stemmed from, but very few of them will be the sufferers fault. There is a possibility this could have stemmed from when you were either at the end of Primary or going in to High School, perhaps you were belittled by a Teacher, or bullied by other children/teenagers. Perhaps when you returned home after school there was no one there to guide you, so you were left to your own devices . .  and did things in your time. Resulting in  the seed 'IN MY TIME' taking control.

Perhaps your homework wasn't checked or you weren't given set times to do it in. Perhaps you managed to persuade your family that all your homework had been done, when in fact it hadn't been! Perhaps with both your parents being out at work when you returned from school you would go out and Socialise instead which would result in your system thinking this was an acceptable thing to do, when in fact it wasn't. Perhaps by this time, you had managed to manipulate a school colleague in to helping you with your homework. Perhaps by this time you had already started to charm people with your magical way with words  . . .  so in a way Mr P's seed could have started to grow at this early stage.

Perhaps by the time you got to College or University you managed to find another person to help you with the answers to some of your homework or to fill out those dreaded forms that very few people knew you had a problem with, or perhaps you had, or Mr P had manipulated others in to believing you had done something even if you hadn't! Perhaps you have just been left to your own devices for too long.

Perhaps if you had busy parents, foster parents, etc who were all out of the house before you .. you would say to yourself . . . I don't need to get up! so got into the habit of not getting up, resulting in just staying in bed in a dwam of your own.

Perhaps whilst on study leave you got your self in to a bit of a rut and found revising difficult then when it came to the exam you became flustered  - albeit temporarily.

Perhaps you had managed to manipulate your world with words but no action,

Perhaps you managed to give excuses for not having done something, which were accepted at an early age and from then on you just managed to get  away with this kind of verbal convincing!

Perhaps with no rush in a morning you would get carried away with the time whilst doing the simplest of jobs that would generally only take 6 minutes or so!

Perhaps you were applying for interviews but found this so daunting you decided to leave it till another time, but that time turned in to months, perhaps even years.

Perhaps an important email came in that, in the real world, would not only have been courteous to reply to immediately but for the initial employability factor should have been essential to show a prompt reply . . . let's face it, if you send an important email off and you don't get a reply straight away how would you feel. Once you have allowed your system to do this once or even twice, it will do it again and again until it becomes a habit and controls the way you reply to anything or anyone.

Which ever way, for you to cope in the future without Mr P rearing his ugly head again or at least at the times of 'pressure' you need to get to grips with this now and with the help of genuinely understanding friends or family you WILL be able to do it, but you have to totally admit that there is an issue in the first place otherwise Mr P will continue to control you. If you go and visit Chief Inspector Google there are masses of suggestion for all, victim and loved ones included.

We will  be adding to this in due course, but in the meantime we will leave you to assess the above, feel free to contact us if you feel we can help or guide you.
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