Saturday, 22 February 2014

Film Producer . . how exciting . . .

We are all really excited this week because we have been told a film producer would like to come and assess doing a short film on Lauder Lass, but better still he then came up with ' he would like to do two shoots' . . . one on, what has to be one of the most amazing horses in the world, Lauder Lass and the second one on the work we do here at Nature's Physician . . . how exciting is this . . with a bit of luck more animals (elephants included of course) and individuals who are locked in will be able to communicate with their world around them once this is all finished . . . . 50/50 communication will be instilled in everyone's hearts by the time we are finished . . . thank you Mike . . . . . we are extremely sensitive to animals and people's needs and we may have to ask your hedgehogi booms and cameras to be disguised somehow! 

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