Monday, 19 May 2014

Another three Gluten free places discovered this weekend . .

We had the pleasure of an exceptional Gluten free choice at the Melville Inn on the Lasswade Road and will be adding it to our list of GF friendly places to visit. It is directly next to Dobbies Garden Centre. If you ask for their GF variation menu they will supply you with something similar to this. We also found their staff to be extremely helpful and friendly.  

Vintage LN14 Gluten Guide V2 (published 31.03.14)


The options in this guide DO NOT contain wheat or gluten-containing ingredients (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, their hybridised strains or products thereof). We cannot guarantee however that your meal will not contain traces of these allergens.
This guide is provided to enable you to make your own decision on menu choice. We cannot recommend or tell you what is suitable for you to eat. The descriptions on our menus do not include all ingredients or allergens – always check the allergen guide to identify suitable dishes.
The information in this allergen guide is based on recipe information and supplier specifications. Please be aware that this allergen information is subject to change so make sure that you check it each time you visit and inform a team member of your allergy dietary requirements every time you dine with us (before you place your order), even if you have eaten the dish before. That way, we can ensure that extra care is taken when preparing your meal to help prevent allergen cross-contamination.
Standard garnishes and accompaniments are included, unless specified. Items that are added as a self selection, choice or trade-up must be reviewed and added to the base information.
We review and republish the allergen data available to us regularly but the circumstances in which a product is made, packaged, stored and distributed may change without our knowledge.


Please be aware that we handle wheat / gluten-containing products in our kitchens, but reasonable steps will be taken to minimise cross-contamination during the preparation of your meal.
Cooking equipment (e.g. fryers, grills etc) and food preparation areas may be shared and it is possible that any fried items you select from this guide may be cooked in the same frying oil as items containing gluten. Please ask a team member if you would like further information on our cooking methods and policy.
If you are concerned about allergen cross-contamination of the food you wish to eat, please inform a team member who may also be able to show you the packaging of the product, and any ‘’may contain gluten’’ warnings that the supplier has provided.
As part of the new Food Information Regulations EU 1169/2011, we will only highlight allergenic ingredients if they are intentionally added to a product.

We hope that you enjoy your meal!


 Bowl of Olives (46075)


 Grilled Gammon & Egg (340440)
 Half Roast Hunter’s Chicken (409978)
 Seared Salmon (401763)


 Black & Blue Ribeye Steak (403968)
 Ribeye Steak Black without Blue (403973)


 Grilled Cod Loin (405179) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
 Hake (404779) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
 Monkfish (409519) plus Summer Garnish Garnish (404781)
 Salmon (409520) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
 Sea Bass (404774) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
Summer Garnish: Crushed lemon scented potatoes with olives, herb oil, tomato sauce, topped with
red pepper, baby corn and soya beans.
 Salmon en Papillote (410065)
 Specials Fish with Mediterranean Vegetables and Mash (409349)
 Specials Fish with Veloute and Vegetables (409528)
 Lamb Rump (409409)
 Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto (405513)

Please note that our thick cut gourmet chips contain gluten (wheat) as an ingredient and therefore must not be served with any of the dishes listed on this guide.


 BBQ Sauce (96590)
 BĂ©arnaise Butter (407382)
 Black & Blue Topping (36334)
 Brandy Pepper Sauce (92423)
 Creamy Mushroom Sauce (298738)
 Red Wine, Bacon & Baby Onion Sauce (71114)
 Seasoned Chips (65796)
 Mashed Potato (70304)
 Baby Potatoes (47008)
 Sweet Potato Wedges (320954)
 Mediterranean Vegetables (320955)
 Seasonal Vegetables (410008)
 Mushy Peas (54823)
 Fried Egg (65149)
 Pork Scratchings (36280)


 Mini Chocolate Pot (320971)
 Mini Pimm’s Eton Mess (404062)
 Pimm’s Eton Mess (404015)
 Honey Frozen Yoghurt (410822)
 Raspberry Creme Brulee (404008)


 Cumberland Sausage & Mash (324774) (Note – do not serve with onion rings)
 BBQ Chicken (404575)
 Grilled Salmon (404574)
 Frozen Yoghurt (364437) (Note – Do not serve with wafer or chocolate sauce)
 Orange Flavour Jelly (324766)

The Second place was The Abbey Mill, Annay Road, Melrose  where  they are more than happy to oblige by creating something suitable to eat. We were also assured that their soups are gluten free and there is always a vegetarian option. 

As an added extra, we also discovered that Asda have started to sell Gluten Free Lemon Cheese cake. However, from the bespoke diet sheets we have done for individuals with a wide variety of health issues we would prefer to see Lime Cheese cakes available on the market, but they haven't arrived yet! so for those who have a reaction to lemons, we will find you a recipe for this. Feel free to email us for this recipe. 

Thanks to Dawn we have another one to add this weekend The Rolling Barrel 781 Old Edinburgh Road - Gluten Free and Dairy Free -  Wonderful -  thank you Dawn. 

If you know of any in your part of the world - no matter where you are -  please do message us with the details or at least the name - perhaps even your favourite dish. 

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This Blog now has 13,250 viewers from all over the world -  it is amazing how this form of media pulls like minded people together. It is only by everyone  pulling together that we can change this world to a healthier place to live in for one and all. We will manage to convince those that we can and should have access to healthier foods as well  as healthier atmospheric conditions but ultimately be able to reduce the amount of 'medication ' we consume, perhaps sometimes to readily.

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