Wednesday, 21 May 2014

An update on poor Sunder . .

Sadly an update on poor poor Sunder - - please people make a comment, help him he has gone through torture for far too long. Who would ever treat a gift like this . . . so, so shocking - 

We wrote a small article on our facebook page as well and one of the responses were ' How did he get that???? Get him out of there!' to which our reply was 'The more people that realise the reality of many animals inc our favourite elephants and share such posts the more hope there will be for Sunder and many others. But Sunder has most definitely not deserved the treatment he has been given - he like many others cling on to that little ray of hope at the end of their, what seems like a, very long tunnel. Ropes, chains crass cruelty of the highest degree. You tube Sunder and you will see what this poor gentleman has had to put up with . . but be prepared

You may remember we scanned Sunder a few months ago - but for those of you who have not seen the photo  : 

But on a happier note and wishing that Sunder and many others could be released 

we have posted a wonderful link that will cheer you up : Enjoy -

Thank you Lek for this amazing footage.

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