Thursday, 8 May 2014

Baby Formula/Breast Milk/Nanny (Goats)Milk

We came across a link today on Baby Formula -  which made us want to share this with you all. 

If a Mother has had to be on a specific diet (see the paragraph below the link below) whilst being pregnant, then there is absolute reason to continue this diet whilst breast feeding your baby, so for example if you have been on a dairy or cow dairy or soya dairy free or goat free diet then absolutely stick to the same diet, especially if you are 'positively' encouraged to breastfeed (sadly often staff just don't have the time these days to encourage Mum's to breast feed but there are still a few of the old fashioned types of Midwives who are passionate and extremely supportive of breast feeding babies and who give you all the time in a day to encourage you to persevere at what can be a painful, emotional and heart wrenching time for any new Mum. 

However, if for whatever reason you are unable to breastfeed then try hard to stand your ground by encouraging the Hospitals to accept that you want your baby to be fed the same kind of dairy that you have been taking whilst carrying your child or whilst pregnant, at least until he/she is weaned and try hard to eat the same things that you ate when you were pregnant. Remember what you have eaten for the previous 9 months has fed your baby in every way, if you change your diet all of a sudden and are breastfeeding then expect a change in your child . .  if you insist of decide you want to change your diet immediately after giving birth, then please, please change it slowly.

More often these days it seems that those in charge of ordering Formula for Hospitals have already struck a deal with their favoured (often for financial reasons) Rep. Sadly there seems to be an increase in a number of areas that if New Mum's have not managed to produce their own milk soon enough then Hospitals are often quick in saying ' just give your baby formula - the specific formula being on offer by them of course and for them often this is the easiest option. Rarely are New Mums offered a choice. We have one Client who had to be careful what she ate throughout her pregnancy (no Cows milk at all) and when she was called in for a C Section she was not advised that her own milk would not come in straight away. After having her baby, who was under the EU weight by 1lb went through such grief when she insisted that the hospital did not give the new born their own (cow based formula) and that they were totally against giving her baby Goats Nanny Milk - She had to organise, as soon as she had come round from her C Section, for some one to travel a round trip of 70 miles to get - even although it said 'suitable for new borns on it the Hospital staff were not happy, to the point that the Senior Nurse and Doctor came to try to persuade her otherwise. On top of all the drugs and emotions a Mother goes through whilst giving birth she stood her ground . but eventually the Hospital in question gave in to her . . . So, if you totally believe that your new born child should be on another form of formula, or if you have been on a 'cow dairy free diet prior to giving birth - although, with all the flying emotions it is very easy to be roller coastered by Hospital staff - stand your ground. Seek support from Members of your family in the event that you are out of it for a few days . . so that they know to insist on your behalf. If you have been on a Goats dairy diet then please - locate some Nanny Milk before going in to have your child in the event that your Hospital does not have access to it.  Good luck and to all those who have stood their ground and known what is best for their child and has reaped the rewards - Well done.

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