Monday, 5 May 2014

Too many elderly live in a world of unchosen silence . . .

Over the years we have worked with many individuals who are in their senior years as well as those who have been  permanently ill. 

We always remember that each and every one have served their time in this world well. Sadly as time progresses many have lost their confidence, their feeling of self worth, their understanding of the forever moving forward world they find themselves in. 

The worst of the aging process is sadly often considered as the failure of their ability to communicate or connect with their 'healthy world around them' and this has generally been why we have been called in to help . . to unlock that key, to help these wonderful individuals to smile and laugh again, to make them feel part of the world outside their front door or outside their bedroom wall. 

There are far too many people being suffocated by silence, or perhaps due to this silence their key has been turned to the LOCKED IN POSITION - Please on behalf of millions of these special and who should be highly treasured individuals - Give them a chance to have their own voice and choice for as long as they are able.

If you know of any one in this situation who, to you is becoming more and more disinterested in life or unable to interact with you so well, please, contact us. Don't let them or yourself suffer any longer. Contact us for guidance.

On behalf of millions of people -   thank you for taking time to read this post.

Having written this article a few days later we came across this link . . we do hope you can connect to it -  it's so refreshing - Enjoy

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