Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A summary of our last few months . . . . in picture form . . .

A quick summary of the last few months in photographic form -  dogs to cats, raccoons to elephants, no water to finding water, negative items being found and removed from houses and barns that were giving negative energy resulting in better health for humans and animals, elderly to children who were misunderstood  but  who  now have an open channel for communication, diet sheets for humans to diet sheets for animals -  ill horses to sad horses,  stubborn horses to misunderstood horses - bolshy animals to frightened animals - - how so wonderful it is to see all these animals being able to communicate with their owners and carers -  just as it should be - all  understanding each others needs on a 50/50 communication level and their natural talents and skills being brought to the fore . . . just wonderful.  . . . thank you one and all for allowing these animals to have their own voice and choice in their short book of life.

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