Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Dalmations automatic barking, aggression and pulling . . . .

Brought in to check within minutes - without using bribery and corruption (a.k.a. a food treat).

We had the absolute joy of giving a gorgeous brown and white deaf and incredibly intelligent Dalmatian a training Session today. as many of you know we don't believe in giving edible treats as a reward, we just use the animals' own language as a reward. In this case this was very much feeling and visual language because this Dali was deaf. Using the animals own language (of which each animal has its' own) gives a much quicker response, almost instantaneous.

The trick from then on is not to revert back to ITS' old way' and sticking to the new language that the animal already communicates with. Not only does the animal appreciate this 50/50 communication but it gives a better understanding all round.

Well done to both - keep it up. You both did tremendously well and the lesson was learnt in about 20 minutes - keep it up - there should be no looking back -

Reply from owner : 

Unbelievable results in minutes!! Who knew it would be that easy for me to learn how to solve the problem- will definately be keeping the training up- can't recommend Nature's Physician enough!! 

Julie Cleghorn.

If you would like a problem you have with your dog resolved feel free to contact us to organise a session. Sessions are available through Skype or in a group or individually. 

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  1. Great afternoon yesterday with Judi Gunn who worked with my loopy dalmatian- can honestly say i had a very different & relaxed dog today- a joy to walk! Thanks again judi.xx
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    Judi Gunn That's wonderful Julie, for all the years you have had with this issue you must indeed have so enjoyed your walk today Well done - keep it up. Well done adorable and incredibly intelligent Dali