Sunday, 23 March 2014

A special Equine Guardian Angel photo . . .

Our animal Communicator Judi had the pleasure of giving voices to many animals today but one of the owners asked initially about one of hers. a young one, a new one, this conversation led on to a very special horse who was still close to her but had passed over to rainbow bridge. The owner kindly shared a photo with us and, it's one we would like to share with you. It's sad in a way because often once an animal has passed over, people think "that's it, I will never be able to communicate with them again" well, that is where you are wrong, sometimes we are lucky enough that they appear in photographs in an obscure fashion, or you can suddenly smell them, or just something triggers your memory. 

If you look closely at the back centre of this picture what can you see . . .  it's silver and grey in colour almost. This horse is indeed at this ladies right hand side and always will be. Thank you M for allowing us to share this very powerful photo.  We are sure it will give others hope . . . 

Give you animals the chance to have their voice but more importantly their choice . . . thank you. 

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