Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Filming our work - Thank you Mike for offering to shadow us for a week in May . .

A huge thank you to Mike for offering to film the work we do with animals and humans. This is now planned for the month of May and will mean that we will be shadowed for a week of 12 hours filming per day. 

This will cover our work in resolving/alleviating behavioral issues, dietary problems such illnesses such as I.B.S., Acid reflux, Skin Issues, Bowel Cancer, Depression and more. 

They will also be covering a number of communication issues showing the importance of allowing animals (humans included in this) a voice of their own and ways of encouraging physical and mental wellness after and during health issues such as stroke and mental health issues such as Dementia/Alzheimer's.

This exciting 'funfilled week will have the Camera crew going to places they have possibly never been before as well as sitting behind watching us work with animals and humans on line and on site. . just hope we don't exhaust them too much!

Perhaps by the end of their week they will go away feeling healthier themselves . . .

Looking forward to sharing this with you all in the hope that more people will give their animals and elderly relations a deeper understanding as well as show you easier methods of communicating resulting in 50/50 communication all round instead of what can be 'constant battles'. 

Thank you so much Mike for seeing with your own eyes and wholeheartedly feeling with your heart the benefits of the work we do all over the world for animals and humans. 

Although the format for this week has more or less been organised, if there is time and you have a particular topic you would like discussed, or if you would like your animal(s)  given a chance to be given their voice(s) either live on site or on line please feel free to leave a message and we will see what we can  squeeze in for you. However, there is a chance we may run out of time during that week so all requests will be put in to a hat. Closing date for requests 24th April 2014. Thank you.

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