Thursday, 6 March 2014

Anne the elephant destined for a life of solitude! HELP HER PLEASE

O dear, O dear, we had thought that Britain would have been more considerate towards an animal that naturally survives longer both physically and mentally when kept in a herd than when kept in solitude. . . this is a time when we feel embarrassed to be British . . . 

We are going to analyse her shortly will give you our findings shortly. . . . please can you do as much as you can to help her as well.   

Here is the Link to the facebook page of Animal Defenders International.

Here is the link to the article through which you can connect to other links on Anne.

Thank you. 

Having now had a chance to analyse or read her this is what her initial thoughts are, if she can't be released to a more elephant friendly environment then she would like the following - we have posted this on to Animal Defenders International Facebook page  "If she has to be kept where she is then it would take about 20 months for her to accept another elephant who would have to be a. a female teenager and B, kept in a separate area but where she could see and touch it. We believe she would however accept a year old female (already tame) sheep . . .a white coloured sheep with a white face. It would have to be kept in a separate area to start with but again one where she could see and touch it. After about 8 weeks the gate could be opened for the sheep to get out but opened enough that she could run back in if necessary . . . But the sheep must be of the colour suggested . . .. Now then not knowing about her bedtime area - maybe someone could forward a photo of it to us . . .if she has a concrete 'cell to go in to at nighttime' Annie wants better paintings on her wall . . ." hope this helps. . . Poor Poor Annie what has she done to deserve this . . but if she is indeed destined for this life then at least give her what SHE would like and not what humans dictate . .  from Anne's heart  . . . thank you

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