Monday, 17 March 2014

Tap water v boiled water

As most of you will be aware by now we continue to assist people with a wide variety of health issues via food and liquid intake. The saying 'we are what we eat or drink' is so true even with such a thing as commonly known and used as water, yes the liquid that comes out of the tap, the liquid that we are encouraged to drink much of when we are dehydrated, suffering from urine infections, often we see adverts saying we should drink x amount of water on a daily basis. 

Often the diet sheets as well as the quick review of someones dietary issues specify yes, water is a plus but not tapped water, just boiled water. Well on this note we have yet another happy Client "

"When I drink tap water I get heartburn and burp, but when I tried your boiled water it was fine"

why is that?

Our reply  . . . .  try the chemicals that are mixed together to make it 'supposedly consumable' or could it be the corrosion  in the pipes further up the system  . . perhaps it could be the ph levels, the lime levels.  Each of these will of course vary in different parts of the country of course but each is totally relevant. However by boiling our water and cooling it clearly has a positive effect for many, so perhaps if you suffer from heartburn issues and to keep up the suggested amount of water intake per day try boiling your water . . . you could add a small hint of lime, or a small peppermint leaf instead of 'addictive coffee or tea'.

What we need to remember is that this can also have a detrimental effect on our animals, not that we are saying we need to boil all elephants water, because we would be there for ever, but depending on the ph levels hosing these animals could bleach their skin, or could make their bowels more runny, as can happen with dogs when they move to a new area or horses who move to a new area.  

So, let's not just assume that water is pure and good for you but by boiling it these days may be better for you. 

Often people with sensitive skin have a major reaction to Combi shower water rather than Hot water from a hot water tank . . . and vice versa!

Water is indeed a fascinating topic! 

Thank you

Just a matter of a few days after writing this post we came across this . . . LINK  and today this landed on our laptop . . . Link to Harvard  - water - ADHD

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