Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lauder Lass surprises us all . . .


This is such wonderful news. When she first arrived to get sorted, only a few believed these pictures could every become a reality. the rest said 'put her down'! Well done Lauder Lass .  .. you deserve, yet another, a massive gold medal.

"The patience and understanding this individual has needed to get to the stage she is at now has been totally endless but absolutely worth every second".

On the 11th March a photographer came and took some photo's of Lauder Lass, an emotional time, because she couldn't believe the progress this, now nicely rounded, mare had made. Below is a collage of some of them and there will be video footage shortly.

An incredible day to get to for this much loved world wide Mare, who was once too scared to be touched and who is forever scarred from her life before her previous owner of 7 weeks. A world wide medal should be going to this horse for having the courage to want to ever trust again. . .  well done \Lauder |Lass. 

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