Monday, 3 March 2014

Aching gums, itchy skin and many more issues can

be caused by a lack of a specific proteins or minerals in your diet, but half an hour after eating what your system specifically needs that dreaded ache disappears . . . 

Just as itchy skin can be caused by foods such as dairy produce, gluten sensitivities, meat, nut and other food intolerances then once it is irritated something as simple as water can make it even worse. 

Nine times out of ten, we just go away and buy some soothing cream but certainly for the skin many of the creams on the market can make it feel even worse or just freeze the problem till the next time.

If you have had enough of any of these things why not try the natural way . . .  find out what foods are good for your system . . . don't suffer any longer than you have to  . . . life is too short. . Don't dread your summer holiday when everyone else will be wearing short t shirts and you, as always, end up having to wear long ones! 

For further information email us  we are here to help the natural way.

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