Thursday, 12 June 2014

All or nothing - a sad but common experience

All or nothing - we wonder how you imagine this statement. 

How many people have you heard say "it's all or nothing"  in your lifetime? perhaps it was an animal you had seen across a fence, and you were thinking about the amount of times it is shown care and attention. Or perhaps it was yourself thinking "for months on end there has been nothing on then all of a sudden in one weekend you receive numerous invites" . Or perhaps it was someone who hadn't been well but would often say " I haven't seen any one for days then all of a sudden every one comes in one day and all at the same time - I'm exhausted"  Or perhaps it was an elderly person who might not have seen any one for a day or two then every one pops in on the same day and again at the same time.  Or perhaps you know of someone who has a carer going in at set times of the day and visitors arrive at the same time, but they already knew that the carers go in at  the same time daily, but half way through with the sudden commotion  the person they are visiting  nods off - out of exhaustion from trying to keep up with all the conversations. Or perhaps you've seen an elephant chained up for hours at a time then all of a sudden it's in the centre of a circus for half an hour with thousands of screaming humans, but  then the poor elephant is chained up for the next 23.5 hours of the day. 

Or perhaps  a zoo animal - being deafened by sounds that are unnatural to them but they have to cope with it, yet it is at dark time that they are only able to listen to their sounds of nature that should be enjoyed in daylight hours . .  is it fair, is it equal. Would we like to be stared at all day?

Let's put ourselves in their shoes - let's think what they might be thinking, could it be . . .

  • On the elephant front - "wish I could be in a wide open pasture, free to roam where I want for the 23.5 hours that I am not having to work - I wouldn't be chained, I wouldn't be beaten if I took a few steps in the wrong direction,  if nature had wanted us to be stationary animals we wouldn't have been born with legs or a body fit to cope with walking many km's  a day" or could it be, " if I was born to be a ballerina then I would not have the size of body I have. My kind, were created by Nature to be in a natural environment and free to roam".
  • On the Human Socialising front " I must try and balance my socialising out a bit, it's not fair on the kids! or perhaps " I'm just not fit enough to cope with as much socialising in one weekend - I must try and balance it out equally"
  • For an  individual who perhaps doesn't keep very  well " I so want to listen to them all but my ears can't cope any more, I so wish people would spread their visits out a bit so that I had a visitor every day instead of ten in one day, or perhaps if they could come when the carers aren't in, then it wouldn't make my day so long and empty, or perhaps I am so delighted to see everyone but I can't cope with hearing everyone at the one time but  I just put up with it, but it would be so much nicer if they came individually instead of en mass then I could speak to them on a one to one basis and have a wee nap inbetween. 
These are just a few examples but there are millions more. 

This topic relates very much to the weighing scales on the picture on Nature's Physician's facebook page - 

Let's all try and make every individual's day as  healthy, safe, balanced and as  fair as possible and consider, for a second, what we would feel if we were in their shoes. 

Today facebook, emails and attachments fill the majority of people's days but remember there are many who have none of these or who are unable to work a computer, remember the old fashioned way of knocking on your neighbours door to say " coooeee, any one in" let's all re-activate this face to face or door to door method of saying 'hello, how are you today?" there are many doors which never open on a daily basis, there are many people out there who don't experience the sun on their faces, there are many people out there who's walls are shrinking in on them, why not take some of the outside world in to their inside world, or take them from their inside world to the outside world and watch their faces light up with joy. 

Thank you one and all for reading this post.

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