Friday, 6 June 2014

Sunder " Am I dreaming"

"I have never been here before, I haven't been beaten for ages, or hurt for a while either, what's up, this is so foreign to me, wonder what's going to happen next, it seems all too good to be true, all these faces I don't know, I sense a few unusually caring hearts, or is this just my dream come true, or am I sleeping , dreaming or imagining I am going to pastures new, no, surely this can't be true, is it, can someone reassure me I am not dreaming, or am I in heaven.

My days and nights, every minute, every second for years I have dreamt of this moment, wow, where am I going, I sense an air of warmth around me, like a barrier of protection, but invisible protection, who's doing this, how is it happening, maybe there are some people and animals out there that really care, are they sending me protection? I like it, but am frightened to like it' please, someone reassure me.

If I shut my eyes, and open them again, will I be back in that dingy shed, in darkness, rocking form side to side, dreading those footsteps and the beatings . . someone please reassure me.

If it's true, if I wake up somewhere new, I might get over excited and not know what to do, please forgive me if I do, I will settle, I just need time and the right key to help me, but I sense there are others to guide me, but no beatings, I am bruised and ache enough"

Thank you one and all.

Save Sunder the Elephant  For updates this is a wonderful facebook page dedicated to Sunder's safety - - 

Sunder on his way to . . .

Apparently the above has brought tears to a few people, our founder sent a reply to one of them and we feel we should share it here for those who do not have access to facebook :

"Sorry Margaret, I didn't mean to make you cry, but poor Sunder has been crying for years, but the tears you shed now are not yours, they are his, his release of disbelief . . . many people will shed many a tear, but rest assured, they are ours and his of happiness and disbelief. As long as he is now treated on a 50/50 communication level and understanding then he will be happy just as we all will be. He deserves the rest of his life in a special place to make up for the turmoill and the aches and pains he has had right through to the core of his heart, bone and muscle. Bless him and all those who have helped him both physically, in an official and spiritual manner, without he would still be in his painfully dreaded shed. Without 50/50 many a living creature suffers, they all need help or /and all their carers need to learn how to communicate on a 50/50 level. And as a final little note for Sunder, we have given you so many scratches and here, is a specially big one for coping with your journey or your new chapter in your book of life".

Sunder has arrived . . . amazing . . . here is a link to a video of him sitting under a tree, under the sunshine with a lot of natural foliage and food around his trunk . another few weeks should see a change in him, perhaps his massive smile today will be superseded by an even larger smile from hip bone to hip bone.  

Here is the link to our original post on Sunder, it pin points sore areas and some of his thoughts.

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