Wednesday, 4 June 2014

To domineer or to use 50/50 a.k.a patience and understanding of body language . . . . .

When attending an animal yesterday with a few issues we were hit with this question / comment by the Client :

 ' when I was 19 I remember tying a large animal up, putting the loop of a rope under a foot and the other end attached taughtly to a loop under the chin I think this would work for this animal, a 'self teaching lesson, what are your thoughts?' 

We would classify, as much as it is wrong to stereotype,  this individual, in his past anyway,  as a traditional animal breaker but it is a route that we never ever go down, but to say this without sounding overly negative or in a way that might put the person off from giving their animal a natural chance to be sorted wasn't easy. Our response was our famous Mmmm! followed by a few moments of silence. 

If an animal has already been domineered then it will be quick to use it's natural 'flight' instinct but to get a true result with respect from both parties then we absolutely use 50/50 communication. 

If an animal has been used to being domineered in the traditional fashion, then to use its' own language is foreign to it at least when being used by humans, so the response is even quicker, often to the amazement of the owners. 

Yesterday's work carried out was no exception to this rule . . and a few hours later the owner said 'I can't believe the patience and the understanding you have - that was amazing' thank you so much.

Prior to our work carried out the owner of this animal had an extremely anxious look and air about him, but by the time we left his smile was as large as a Cheshire cats and his whole body looked, lighter, less shakey and in general 100% better, just as the animal had changed its' own air of contentment and understanding of what was being asked of it - WITHOUT pain, bribery and corruption, bull hooks, chains or ropes, indeed we succeeded without the animal feeling domineered at all. . . a tremendous ending and one that we feel so humbled about -  yet another animal understood by the world around it by using 50/50 communication only. 

Feel free to visit our facebook page, perhaps you would like to help elephants who are broken in a totally inhumane way . . . Thank you

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