Sunday, 15 June 2014

Transforming an animals negative behaviour to positive is what we live for

It's always such a joy for us to see a smile on both the animal and his or her owners face instead of fear, anxiety or confusion and miss-understanding. 

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with more horses and dogs this week. 

Where there was once confusion and anxiety with both the animals and his or her owners there is now understanding, a true bond and a 50/50 communication level found.

Without the above then neither animal or human will understand what is being asked of them or indeed will know how to ask to get the correct request.

Often we are asked to help with animals and humans or to fix a problem that either have. Our answer is always ' yes, we can fix the problem but it is, at the end of the day important for the owner to know how to fix the problem as well. So, although we initiate a 50/50 communication level between the two it is imperative that once we have discovered how the animals communicates that the owner goes through the same process, stage by stage, minute by minute or second by second. Without understanding what each muscle movement means then there will never be an equal beginning and will result in either the human domineering the animal or the animal domineering the human . . this 75/25 understanding does not result in either a healthy, happy or contented relationship.

We wrote a poem a few years ago with some children we were working with, it is a lovely poem and one that hopefully you will enjoy reading again in the hope you can help all the animals you know or troubled individuals to start to live a happy life - 


"Locked in"

This poem relates to many humans with communication issues from individuals suffering from a long term illness, Dementia, Alzheimer's or a temporary health issue due to, as an example - an operation. It also rings true for other individuals suffering from Dyslexia, Friedreich's ataxia, Autism, Asperger's and A.D.H.D. as a few examples.

With reference to animals it relates to those with behavioural issues or for those who have been scared/scarred by events in their past.
If we could all soak the words up from this poem - like a water to a sponge - many individuals would be much more content with their 'lot' in life - Please give everyone a chance - there is good in each and every one of us - encourage it to come out naturally.
How some humans and animals feel 

"I am captured in the carousel of time,
I don't understand the world around me
I feel so locked in 
it's as if they think I can not see,
but I see more than her or him.
I just don't know how to communicate
with the world around me
I am captured in the carousel of time. 

I over react because I am misunderstood
My world is filled with anger and frustration.
I so wish to show the world that I can be good, 
But the world doesn't seem to want a connection, 
I am fed up of rejection. 

So few people give me the time of day
Maybe one in a hundred understand me
but the others push me out the way.
How long is it going to take to make them see
I just need to be guided in the right way.
I need time and the right key to unlock me. 


At long last I have found someone (some people)
who can turn my key,
I feel free of the demon
when I am with them
For the first time -
I can breathe, I feel free.

I have a chance to smile when I am with them
I have found what makes me happy,
For the first time ever I feel as I am in heaven,
I have laughed and smiled all day
And the devil inside my has run away.

(for the rest of the world) 

Please, come and share this happy day with me
And let me show you what turns my key.
I so want to stop serving the devil inside me
But I need the world to show me the way.

I don't ask for much,
Just a little time, understanding
care and attention,
I am fed up of rejection. 

There's a lot of good inside me,
But how long is it going to take
For the rest of the world to understand me.
I am tired, I am weary and I need a break.
The demon inside controls me
I want to break free for ever,
but I need the world to help me,
So please, watch and listen 
and that will help me "

On behalf of all troubled individuals, thank you for reading this post and if you are having any trouble with your animals please, give them a chance, or let us help you to help them, every animal wants to please, but if they haven't been given this chance then they will keep rebelling. 

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