Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Broken hearted animals - yet hope for one Rhino and a donkey

Many of you will know our thoughts on animals feelings and the things that can improve their lives, both physically, emotionally and psychologically. Numerous times in the past and present people have often said " we don't believe what we are seeing" all these animals get on so well together, dogs and cats, sheep and horses, pigs and geese, rabbits, dogs and cats together, sheep and geese how do you manage it" Not only do these pairings, often natural pairings of the "animals own choice" help boost their self esteem but successfully manage to over come the loneliness that many endure. 

Our methods of communicating with animals have on numerous occasions paired totally different animals up together, but sensitively of course, for the total betterment of each. This is such a humbling experience, a tear jerking experience. These partnerships between animals or the bond that is formed between them is like gold dust, an extremely important part to an animals Social ability and need.

Coming across this news bulletin today was a tonic, not only because it shows the public that it is possible, given correct understanding of each animals body language but to go a stage further is that there is actually a zoo out there in Georgia's capital who do not allow the animals to be lonely -  if zoos have to exist, then if only other zoos could take this on board for some of their animals.  However, it is totally understood that each Zoo would have to have some form of Animal communicator to understand each animals need . .  and any new introductions would have to be carried out sensitively. 

Well done and a huge congratulations to the organiser for making this rhino and donkey happier.

As a follow on to this someone posted this today, it's a cat and a dolphin or perhaps we should say 'dolphins'   . . . enjoy

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