Monday, 30 June 2014

Yet another Thank you . . .

"Just a wee note of thanks for the help you have given me with my horse 'Sammy' I can not believe the difference in him, he came to you for a few weeks in an attempt to solve a few of his problems - bucking and rearing, his hooves being picked up and being caught in a field were just a few of them, and in under two weeks all his problems were resolved and as an added extra you have taught him how to jump naturally and to have more  faith and trust in humans. I feel I also have more confidence in him which is terrific.

Since he has returned home he has not put a single hoof wrong, what a joy he is to have."

Thank you 

"If you have a problem with your horse, or any animal for that matter, I would strongly recommend Nature's Physician, they use natural techniques and 50/50 communication for everything and it truly works" 

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