Monday, 9 June 2014

Hundreds of fish are being found dead . . . and we wonder why!

Sadly we came across this article, for those of you who have had diet sheets over the years and asked questions on fish then most of you will remember our comments . . . well here we go . . . 


It was just a matter of time before this happened . . . from the many diet sheets we have created for individuals specific chemical balances and health issues (including animals) 99% of these individuals have a reaction to a large majority of fish . . .it is not at all surprising - especially when you discover such articles as these.

There is clearly something polluting the water and as a result of this, although may not kill certain fish in certain parts of the world, what they are filter feeding on clearly has an effect on certain health issues. If you suffer from I.B.S., Skin issues, Bowel Issues, Acid reflux, Digestion issues and want to get to the bottom of it naturally then as the saying often goes ' we are what we eat both in body and in mind is absolutely true.

All that needs to be looked at is the direction of the sea - - and there will be your answer . . If we have time we might have a look at the geographical positioning to see what we come up with. If this is coming from Pollution through our Land streams and rivers then there may well be a mass death of land animals as well. However, it may also be, if the source comes from Land then after a period of time in the salt water it may become more toxic . . . . which ever way . . please for your over all health sake and the children you have, be careful what you eat - - thank you or if you would like us to help you do contact us or join us on facebook . . . although our postings there are not so in depth as they are on this site but there are some very useful links and tips.

This is the Link to the ARTICLE

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