Sunday, 24 August 2014

A new week, a new beginning, new thoughts -

A new week, a new Beginning, new thoughts

May your week be as beautiful as this little person.

A new week
New beginnings of lives for many,
Let's protect all those who are weak
Rhino's and Elephants of which there are many
Who live in sheds cold and bleak.

They so wish for freedom,
From all who are heartless and greedy
For all who care within our Kingdom,
Please search and support all who are needy.

On behalf of this little elephant and many others - Thank you for caring for all within our Kingdom. 

Links to Elephant related facebook pages -  CLICK HERE - and support all elephants for ever more, otherwise we will have none left.

In China alone, approximately 100 years ago there were about 150,000 elephants, now, sadly there are only about 4,000, we can not let this number become any less.

Thank you Mandy for forwarding this photo. 

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