Monday, 11 August 2014

Food for thought . . or Food for wealth or food for health,

One of the reasons why we have written this post, is not only because of our concerns and thoughts but because we are coming across more and more articles like this one from Natural News , this particular bulletin is on the closure of a processed meat plant that produces processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon. According to this article it is partly because of  a change of consumer needs as well as the plant being too far away from  the factory's meat supplies. 

From our various postings and comments many of you will have picked up that our thoughts on our present world is that we are very much in the centre of a pharmaceutical and producers market, and for this to change it is down to us, as the people on the ground of this world to buy only what is good for us and our individual chemical balances and not to be persuaded to buy something all because of its' packaging therefore assuming that it is healthy. If we were all to actually take just a few seconds to read the ingredients 75% of what you placed in your trolley yesterday you would not place in your trolley today - why not give yourself a small test, on your next shop day, take those few seconds out, and be harsh, instead of purchasing the food with numerous GMO's or additives, buy something that only has one or two ingredients in them. Try not to microwave your food either. There will be three things you will be surprised at

1 You will have left 75% of the things your instinct does not want you to buy on the shelves.

2 Once you have cooked it in a conventional oven or eaten a proper cold salad you will not be as hungry as you usually are 
about an hour after having eating a microwave meal.  

3 Part of your conversation over this meal will undoubtedly be 'imagine if the whole world did this for a full week - what would the food producers do with the products that would then be out of date'.

If this was to be carried out for a month or even 3 months the food producers would have no option but to produce the food that the Public then wish to buy . . . can you imagine the mountains 
 of off foods, and why? all because of the additives they put in to food these days to make it have a longer shelf life but more importantly to make a chicken dish for example - require less genuine meat . . . this is quite a daunting thought, but do we as people not have the right to choose what we should be buying for our health? or indeed for our animals health, remember we are part of a food chain . . as are all the animals that are fed, watered, injected, fed with a variety of additives as well as grains that are sprayed with chemicals that we don't even know about. . mmm all food for thought as they say.

Imagine the health issues that would not exist or could be eased, or the skin issues, the chest issues, the asthma issues, the mental health issues and many other health issues that would be reduced dramatically if we were to return to eating genuine food.  

Would you be prepared to try this for a day . .  you might be surprised at the money you save, the more mentally relaxed you might feel, the less headaches you might experience, gosh, this list could be endless . .  and the same list could apply to your pets.  

As the saying goes . .  


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