Thursday, 21 August 2014

A little Equine translation needed . . . can you help

We all know that all horses, in fact, given the chance, all animals are extremely intelligent. Not only do they know when it's tea time, or when you are going away, or what kind of walk or ride you are going on, or indeed if you are having a long lie the next morning or not. They can tell whether you are grumpy or sad, they can tell if you're in a rush or have all day as well as if you are ill or well. They know if something is up they know if everything is okay. Often they know more than us. It's all thanks to instinct and the ability to read body language, something that many humans, no thanks to our own voice language, our daily rush and the natural need to head straight for the B-Line (sadly this seems to have been instilled in us over generations and generations). It's sad really, many of us have lost the 'animals'  unique ability to sense the alarm bells or to be able to communicate in such a magical but silent way, however if we forget about our own voice boxes for just half and hour or an hour a day, we would achieve much much more but above all we would be begin to understand or/and speak our pet's language, or our horses/elephants/cows/sheep language and as a result your pet would start to understand you better as well as the requests asked of him, just as, we, the humans would understand exactly what our animals would like resulting in a most unique bond, a bond perhaps many have never experienced before - just by listening and watching, not talking or screaming.

So, with this in mind, perhaps you or your children would like to help us translate some of these pictures and pop your comments in below or facebook us with your translations of these individuals expressions

Head 1

Head 2 

Head 3

Head 4

Head 5

Head 6

Head 7

Head 8

Head 9

Head 10

And one more question for you - - what else do you notice about these pictures . . .

We will come back to this article in a few weeks time and expand each of these photo's to see if you were right. 

In the meantime, on behalf of many individuals who are silently suffering from depression, sadness, anxiety or some form of mental trauma, perhaps you could do something for us, to help them, next time you are amongst your friends, or colleagues, perhaps you could give them an extra thought, a special thought, but one from the heart, one, as if from the eye of an elephant, horse or dog, one that many humans have forgotten about or don't even think about because of the brave face and act that many sufferers learn to put on. Give yourself a little exercise for a few minutes, it doesn't take long, not once you get the hang of it. Look at your friends in a different light, but silently and not blatantly obviously either, after all a horse or an elephants doesn't stare at you straight in the eye, in fact quite the reverse, they look at you, nine times out of ten, from the side of their eye, absorbing every muscle movement, blink, twitch of your fingers or flick of the hair. 

If your inner animal senses something, don't say something in front of everyone, instead think of an excuse to meet them on a one to one level, but by the way of choosing a subject or a meeting place that you know they will feel comfortable in. Once there, bring up a non-threatening conversation initially then perhaps you might spot someone passing by that looks sad, or role play a situation, for example - a member of your family who is going through a bit of a bad time, or perhaps something about a bad relationship you had been in, or perhaps an issue you had with your elderly parents and you just felt you could not do everything that was needed as well as run your job. There is always a topic that can open or help to open up the depressed channels in individuals. Above all try and make them feel relaxed, comforted and that they walk out of the cafe or meeting place with a much better stance and a smile on their face, a real smile, not a fake, I'm okay Jack smile.

Far too many individuals true body language is going unheard, it is our job to help them pull up from their low, and not medication which often makes things worse. But we are becoming more and more aware that the Medical Profession just do  not seem to be interested above and below certain age limits so all the more reason why we, as a Society, could help much more than we have done to date. 

On behalf of many, thank you for helping to spread a smile.

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