Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to school blues . . . .

All over the world there are individuals who dread going back to school after their holidays and 99% of the time these people have got perfectly good reasons why they suffer from the dreaded back to school blues, although they may not seem good enough reasons to the adults they have surrounding them at the time.. 

Perhaps it is because of bullying, perhaps it could be because another problem they had had in a previous term which not been resolved, and the old adage (add an M in to that and it makes 'damage') 'it will be the holidays soon, and you'll have forgotten all about it by then' or 'you'll have a different teacher next year so everything will be fine', when  in fact the damage has been done and can fester or grow and grow like a mushroom over the holiday weeks and become an even bigger problem resulting in school sounding more bluer than it had ever before. However the most important thing is that if these issues, in someone's early life are not resolved or if they have not been encouraged to seek guidance to help solve these problems, any problems in their future could become more and more difficult to handle resulting in them feeling knocked at every troubled, slammed shut, door they find themselves at, but ultimately can lead to chronic depression and anxiety later on in life. So, the absolute importance of showing these sufferers of  'School Blues' that all problems are resolvable immediately are in fact of paramount importance for them to become confident individuals later on in life. 

So, back to the poster - 

with the School blues coming up shortly for many,  we decided to post a poster on to a couple of facebook pages and then thanks to a reply decided to do a small article on it, so that those who don't have access to facebook can share it, or at the very least try and encourage any sufferer of School Blues to resolve all issues straight away, with softness, kindness, a mass of patience so that the adult does not end up speaking for the pupil and with a teacher or friend the individual respects or knows will not bite or growl back at them. 

So, back to the poster - 

A reply came in -

That's a good one although what if you're the one standing alone?
13 hours ago

Our reply :

Good question. To be honest when we saw this poster we did wonder if this question might come up, so thank you for bringing it up - - if all young adults were to take this poster on board, no one should be left on their own, so if it or a similar message or poster from some where can go viral then young adults might take the little saying on the far left hand side on board. If they don't or feel they can't and it's the start of a new term for them here are a few suggestions : 

  • Take some photo's in of say your pet, or your horse, or of something you did in your holidays and share it with a like minded person or if there is a show and tell period then take your photo in, after talking about it someone might come up and ask to see the photo's properly. Or perhaps pop to the library and spend sometime researching your favourite topic, 

  • Or, speak to one of your favourite teachers or guidance teacher or if you feel your guidance teacher is unapproachable go to a teacher you can whole heartedly trust to see if they can help to make the issue in hand easier for you . . . never, ever, ever feel that you are actually standing on your own, because there are many who put on a brave face and pretend to be in a group or come across as being 110% confident/ happy but in fact that person can often be much sadder than you think. 

  • Or if you are musical see if you would be allowed to spend some time with your instrument in the music room. 

  • Or pop in to a school's quiet room and write a story or a poem and hand it to your teacher or parent, with a drawing attached perhaps, and ask for it to go in to your School's magazine anonymously. Perhaps you could join a specific Group (pre-organised by the school) that meets up at lunchtime. 

  • Or perhaps you could write some suggestions as a thread to this message for others to read – it might help someone else. 

  • Another suggestion, perhaps you could ask if you could help with another class or with the Nursery at breaktime or lunchtime. 

But always remember the little message within this photograph, there is always some one out there who wants to be your friend . . perhaps they are shy themselves and are standing alone, perhaps they are just putting on a brave act for others to see, when in fact behind closed doors they may be so dreadfully sad beyond any ones belief.

Above all always remember there is help out there, and that it's okay to ask for help. Have as good a day as possible and let's hope all teachers will be in great spirits to make you all have a good, fun filled but studious day but if you spot any one standing on his or her own, go up to them, encourage them to join you or just stand along side them, and say ' can I eat my lunch with you' the latter often works better in the first instance.

One more thing to never forget, everyone can only do their best at any topic, and no matter what, every one is talented at something, each and every person is unique.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all the same! The world needs everyone to be unique for without, our world would not survive.

Have a great term, and if you see someone who is unhappy, please go and make them smile, include them, even if it is a teacher having a bad day – make him/her smile . A smile is free but is worth a mint of gold.

If we could all just take a little something from this post some one somewhere will feel included and not excluded, encourage talking, encourage question asking in all youngsters of today, don't dampen them down by saying  things like - don't ask such a daft question, because often that question is more important to that individual than you ever, ever thought.  

Ultimately if we can help ALL individuals the pharmaceutical markets would find a huge reduction in medication being given which, let's face it, often masks problems and does not resolve them. Where as a smile and laughter heals and makes for a happy individual long term. 

Look out Pharmaceutical world, our people are beginning to realise a smile and laughter is better for you.

Just imagine, had the children (both male and female) of yesteryear or the adults of today been given this chance of 'inclusion, smile and laughter and the feeling of not being frightened to ask built in them' we would not have so many sufferers of depression or anxiety today. 

Question though, perhaps the Pharmaceutical departments are presently reaping their 'greedy rewards' from people who were felt not included in years gone by, perhaps they now actually want humans to be on medication! now we wonder how many of you thought about that . . remembering that your Medical Practice gets paid for every prescription they write!  Imagine the financial loss the Pharmaceutical Companies would make if everyone's issues were solved by a simple smile of support, or a little encouragement to ask the questions they dreaded to ask when they were young, or a moment of laughter . . . all of which are free for one and all to give and to receive.  Wow, it would be millions that would be saved just in Britain alone, imagine if the rest of the world cottoned on . . 

For the future of our children, worldwide, we hope these thoughts will spread so that all can live a more balanced life naturally, both emotionally and physically and without the help of  medication that can often, as we mentioned before just mask the issue in hand.

On a final note on this post we would like to leave you with this beautiful picture taken kindly by Simon Davies and a quote that has been written by us. 

On behalf of many who have suffered in silence, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading this post. 

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