Friday, 22 August 2014

Calm, calm calm, gains trust and results for all, if given the chance

Lauder Lass the Horse who touched the hearts of many, is a horse, who, if you have read some of our older posts, will know that she was an abused, extremely thin and petrified horse of all humans actions, noises and movement of any sort that at the very slightest been connected to a human.

Having shared this latest beautiful Session with a Student we thought we would share the Session with you. For one reason only, and that is, no matter how bad or mad your animal is or how bad or mad the Public think he/she is, as long as you remain calm, consistently calm, then your animal will dramatically improve. Recently there has been proof of that with Raju and Sunder  ..  the elephants who had been kept in captivity, cruelly treated but eventually after 14 years for Sunder and 50 years for Raju  were released, much to the annoyance of their previous owners/supposed carers, they both show such kindness and softness which humans truly do not deserve. But now they know they have considerate, understanding and passionate carers who look after them in a way that these two elephants can cope with but more importantly understand. 

All animals should be given this chance and not be dictated to by humans all because of the humans inner fear of the results. 

Back to the Link - Lauder Lass's update - 14-08-21 . 

Take a close look at the expressions of both Lauder Lass and her Student of the day Cherise Halliburton - it says it all. 

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