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Collies . . . . the importance of eye to eye contact. . . .

As you know we help numerous people with many animal issues but this post is on Canine issues, we come across dogs of all ages and from all walks of life, some rescues, some almost lost cases, and then the wonderful endearing and lovable pups. 

One of the most common issues in our area however seems to be with Collies and Terriers and it is with this in mind that we thought we would share this little, but very important hint of help with you.

All dogs are extremely intelligent but each animal needs to be understood for its' own qualities and each quality then nurtured to its' best potential. But this potential needs to be understood on a contented or happy 50/50 communication level, not on a 75/25 basis or indeed a 25/75 basis. If the latter is the case then either the dog or the human is in control or not in control and ultimately one or other will be unhappy, frustrated or confused.

It is the 50/50 communication level that we whole heartedly encourage because without problems will be afoot.

For Collies and Terriers we can not stress the importance of eye to eye contact enough, without this then the issues you may come across are endless but here are just a few : 

  • Select deafness
  • Disobedience
  • Inability to stop your dog from barking
  • Negative behaviour
  • Control issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Domineering walking on a lead
  • Lack of respect
  • Growling
to mention just a few. 

However, with the special understanding of 50/50 and correct eye to eye contact this will initiate fantastic results. 

So, with this in mind, and if you are having trouble with your dog here are a couple of little testers to see how your dog communicates with you : 

We would however stress that if you have rescued a Collie or Terrier who is timid or sensitive please reduce your eye contact with them until they gain your trust. If the trust is taking a while to come round or if you are having trouble, please contact us for either a one to one Session online, or a visit or ask someone in your area to help. This kind of eye to eye contact can also be too much for the regular dog - unless they have done something wrong of course! but genuinely wrong as in considered in the Canine world. Feel free to share this link so that it can perhaps help others
  • When you let your dog out of the back door, do you open it and let him/her out, or when you put your hand on the door handle do you look at your dogs eyes first to ask them with pure eye to eye contact whether he/she want out or not, (not using any vocals at all)
  • When you give your dog a treat, do you give his/her treat as soon as he/she has sat down? or do you ask him/her to sit, and then with your eyes ask him/her for eye to eye contact then give him/her a treat. 
  • When you give your dog his/her tea, do you make it up and put it straight down and tell him/her just to go for it or ' there you go' or do you ask him/her to look at you with eye to eye contact first and then put it down. 
So having read the above . . what kind of a relationship do you feel you have with your dog? 

If you try the methods in large writing, with 100% eye contact being given, the next time your dog barks for example, call his/her name and bend your body over with your back being at a 45 degree angle to your legs (if possible), immediately STARE eye to eye and lower your voice an octave and say ENOUGH, but the GH at the end of ENOUGH needs to be exaggerated  . .  this to a Collie and a Terrier sounds like a growl . . 

Good luck with this little experiment.

The above is just a small hint that should help you straight away with the basic issues that can be triggered from about 4 months old. Feel free to contact us  or if this has been helpful to you perhaps you would like to go to the top right hand side of this page and press the like button to connect to our facebook page. 

In the meantime you would be welcome to come along to The Puppy Workshop starting 26th August  However, as it says on the link participants need to contact us by the 19th August to secure a place. Perhaps see you there. 

This blog now has 15,090 viewers from all over the world  - thank you one and all for joining us. 

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