Thursday, 7 August 2014

An update on Sammy the most amazing 4 year old

Some of you may  remember a previous post on Sammy if you don't here are the links 

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As you know once an animal is on file we keep it on file and follow his/her progress, well we had the joy of visiting Sammy today as well as exercising him, and you know he hasn't forgotten a thing since we interacted with him before.

Today we had a special Lady with us, a lady called Cherisse who asked if she could gain some experience by shadowing the work we cover prior to her going to Jockey College. With her already being  a rider, but a considerate and friendly horse rider, we offered her the chance of riding Sammy, well he was absolutely a total star, to the point that she did not believe he was only 4. We said to her, there are very few 4 year olds with such  a kind nature  . . . her comments  ' I have never come across one as good as this, he listens to everything you ask him, he's  a poppet' ' I doubt I'll come across another one like him again' correct was the reply. 

Thank you to Sue and Stuart for encouraging us to continue to work with Sammy, using 'Sammy language', not human dictatorship language. 

He was a total star in fact you can almost see his halo . 

As for Cherise, what a joy to have her along, she is a true natural and will go far in the Equine world not just in the U.K. but worldwide.  . .

Give this lady another 10 years and through her naturally caring connection with animals she will manage to get the best out of each animal she works with. We wish you well.

If we can all manage to bring to the surface more of these unique individuals our animal kingdom will definitely become a happier place for all.

There is almost a halo round Sammy . . and so there should be  - he is a star

Actually a halo round both of them . . .

And released to pasture . . . after working so well . . 

So once a Session is done we always ask a couple of questions, and today's main question was '  and why do you think Sammy is the way he is Cherise? 

"I think when you show a young horse the love and care that he's been experiencing with everyone who cares for him now, then the horse will feel safer and then with that feel less of a need to be a stubborn yearling. Most young animals are taught the right from wrong in stern ways, and when you show it the 50/50 way I think they feel more at ease with it all. With the compassion he's received staying at Sue's he knows he's being taken care of so the thing he wants to do is to take care in return. He has such a big heart and I think by using 50/50 he's getting to put his loving nature to use so early. And so easily too".

"Thank you Cherise, what a powerful answer that is and with a message that we hope you will carry in your heart for ever"

As an addition to this powerful answer Cherise also mentioned another couple of things that she felt she could take with her :

"Today I learned about the stretching of the legs to put the girth in a more comfortable place. I have never ever seen that done before in my life and I will certainly use it in times to come. I also learned that a horse will always get scared at something. But it is the riders duty to show the horse there is nothing to be afraid of in a gentle manner instead of a more "you're being silly, get on!"

On behalf of the horses you will handle in your future thank you Cherise  . .  look forward  to the next Session.

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