Thursday, 21 August 2014

And a further update on Sammy the horse who bucked like a bucking bronco

It's always a joy to continue or to do (literally) rain checks on the animals we have worked with and here are a few more photographs of Sammy. 

We took our Student Cherise Halliburton along with us and one of the photographs was taken by her while she was riding him - without any blips, bucks or rears - it's so wonderful to see and hear an animal content to do what is asked of it when asked in  a 50/50 

level. Well done Cherise for being able to utilize this method. 

Sammy already to go

Sammy and friend 

Cherise taking Sammy for a ride, how lucky we are to have access to this beautiful country side.
When we first arrived at Sammy's stable the sun was shining but sadly part way round the heavens absolutely opened otherwise we would have had some more photo's.

Sammy we are so proud of you, well done, another animal given his voice and choice in an understanding way. 

Here is a link to our previous post on Sammy

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