Thursday, 14 November 2013

The disobedient aggressive Springer spaniel

This beautiful looking liver and white springer spaniel was a lovely dog, but like most liver coloured Springer's he was a live wire, (liver Springer's always, in Judi's eyes seem to be more hyper than the black and white ones). He would always try and barge at the door, would insist on chasing any other dogs and was a complete handful to take out for a a'free walk'. The owners had to be on their guard at all times which, as they said, when going for a walk you should be able to relax and go at your leisure and not live off the dogs nervous energy.

At this stage there were three dogs - in the house, the other two were 'normal' that is if there is such a thing'! however, this one as soon as you went in was totally different to the other two.

As always, the owner was pre warned that as soon as Judi appeared on the scene she would be in 'dog mode'. Having been bulldozed at the door and each dog quietly in their language, told that she doesn't do 'bulldozing'. Much to the surprise of the owner who stood at the window in disbelief with her eyes just about popping out on stalks all three dogs seemed to respond straight away - that's amazing she said.

Having unlocked the initial door issue the next issue was the walking. Well, putting on the lead was a saga and a half, but resolved itself after Judi had spent about 8 minutes with the dog, then going out the door was another huge issue, but by the time the dog realised where Judi was coming from and almost looked for guidance as to how he should behave - this was an extremely humbling point for Judi and perhaps even for the dog - he had never realised to ask for something before and nor had he ever realised that if he did this he would be rewarded in a 'Canine friendly way' and not by the way of a biscuit or a piece of food, which, let's face it - feeds a problem - excuse the pun there.

With regards free walks, he would always be on a hunt for a plastic bottle and if a dog was seen in the distance you may as well say Bye Bye until he was ready to come back, in the meantime causing much distress for not only his owner but the other dog and the other dogs owner/children.

The trick/key for this lovely dog was so simple - a ball with one of the ball holder throwing tools - and the dog never ran off again - all because he was so tuned in or zoomed in on his own ball. - a very happy ending for all.

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