Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bull - Training / skin issue

Judi was asked to train / calm two bulls down for a Sale - she visited them a few days per week for about a month before the Sale.

Appearing on farm the day before the sale to continue the training one of them seemed, to her surprise, extremely 'non friendly' and anxious. Her routine was the same on this day as previous days but no way was this particular Bull accommodating anything it had accepted before. None of the farm workers at the time were around to ask what had been going on, and the Farmer himself was away.

Since training had started this Bull would let Judi approach it to give him his t.l.c but on this particular day there was no way this Bull would let her any where near. It looked dangerously wary and angry - not a beast to step over the mark with!

However, using Judi's natural talent, she sensed something was up with his skin - he seemed extremely agitated.

It was raining on this day and from previous experience with other animals and humans she sensed the rain was not helping - because his skin was sensitive in the first place the rain almost felt as if it was acidy rain - resulting in the feeling similar to 'crawly skin'

First of all she had to work out why there was such a dramatic change since her previous visit and then she had to find something to counterbalance the negativity in his skin with a view to calming him down . . . . not an easy task when you are faced with an angry bull.

Her conclusion was that he had had something put on his skin - although there was no farmer around to ask at the time - she came up with shampoo - of course, she thought, the farmer would have wanted to have washed them both prior to the sale. She did her best to take the superficial irritation out but realised she would have to put something on to calm it down more, otherwise he would not have been safe to have taken to any sale.

An hour or so later the farmer returned and confirmed her thoughts, she asked to see the shampoo bottle so that she could check the ingredients, but of course, because the shampoo was for an animal (and not a human) there were no ingredients on it. Judi asked the farmer if he could kindly phone Germany, where the shampoo had been manufactured and lo and behold there were two ingredients that came up as negative for this particular bull.

With only 24 hours before the Sale, she had to come up with a way to calm this beast down - she managed to work out that something else had to be painted on this bulls skin - she worked out what it was and organised for it to be retrieved from a local pharmacy and then applied it herself - much to the surprise of the farmer!

Although Judi does not like working with an animal under constraint (i.e. a cattle crate), for safety reasons she had no alternative - but getting this beast in to this crate was no easy job - however half an hour later he was in. Judi straddled the 'moving' crate and painted her solution all over the bull - no easy task when it was lashing out with all legs! Continuing to paint him all over and taking the negatives out of him, he calmed down amazingly quickly and to everyone's surprise he returned to being his calm self . . . . Judi felt a great relief as she would have hated to have seen this Bull hurting any one or as a last resort being put down all because of his skin irritation -

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