Thursday, 14 November 2013

Toy, the horse the Vets wanted to put down

Toy, a horse who had a long hair line fracture -
the Vets suggested putting him down - The owner asked Judi
for her opinion, which was not to put him down but to give him the chance
with additional suggestions of treatment - 9 years later and he is still with us.

From the owner

"There has been (and continues to be) only one special Toyboy in my life! He stands 15.1 hh, is bright bay and has the kindest and most mischievous character I have ever known in a horse.

Eight years ago, during some mad spring mania, he was kicked by his field mate, sustaining a bad break to his near fore "elbow" joint. Throughout all the consequent examinations and x-rays he remained calm and tolerant of all that was asked of him. Anyone who has been in a similar situation will understand the feelings of angst and dread as to what might happen next. The professional advice, which I had anticipated, was to put Toy' out of his misery, "let him go". All the care given had been kind and thoughtful and I apportion no blame here. If a horse is no longer "useful", i.e rideable, this is often seen as the sensible and pragmatic route to take. However, in a serendipitous meeting the previous pre-accident weekend, I had met Judi, and her view of such situations was, and still is, very different ...... and I bless her for it!

Her attitude was - injuries heal, bones mend, fears can be overcome, let's look at the problem from a different perspective. I daresay there are a few (perhaps more than that?!) who would have liked to put me down when I broke my leg........I would have loudly and vehemently resisted!! Why then should Toy not be afforded the same chance to live and thrive?

Over the next weeks and months my precious little horse made a steady recovery, not, I should add, without some very tense moments; the first step on that injured leg, the first attempt to lie down, roll and get up again and so on! Throughout this time Judi gave me much invaluable advice on how to keep Toy occupied and calm as his injury healed. To this day he loves to have the base of his spine massaged....complaining when you stop by slowly backing into you, willing you to continue! The bond between patient and owner is cemented on a different level. Although after a period he was able to be ridden, Toy now displays some signs of arthritis at the site of his injury, he is still enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

I am not saying that everyone must, or even should, follow a similar path, but perhaps..... consider doing so.

We have a voice - they do not!"

Judi is extremely passionate about carrying out 'rain checks' on all her clients and above is a session with Toy taken just a couple of months ago . . . the onlooker wanted some special TLC as well, how could she refuse when this onlooker was being so well behaved  . . .

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