Thursday, 14 November 2013

The 95% Rockweiler X from Manchester takes a trip to Scotland for a training session with Judi

A family from England owned a Rockweiler cross, she was 95% Rockweiler who possibly had 5% Labrador in her. They had had her since she was about a year old but it's believed her history before then was not that good. However, as she became older she became extremely dominant and protective of the lady of the house and when the owner's baby came along she became even more protective of not just the Mum but baby as well. She had her 'guarding point in their house, so any one who ventured in the gate was barked at, and if they took steps towards the door she would have galloped round to the door before any human could get there. Given the chance she would attack them, but this wasn't just a gentle nip this was a lunge attack. As often happens in these cases, the owners kind of managed this issue in their own way, which was to put her in somewhere before opening the door. Although this is understood and can often be the only way that individuals can think of, it's not always the right thing for the dog or indeed the right way to get a positive result, in fact often this can make things worse. She has also managed to convince the cat this it was not at all welcomed either in the house or the garden, so their poor old cat who used to live in the house had been seriously kicked out - thanks to the dog!

The dog almost caused a divorce a few times within this extremely loving family, but eventually the decision had to be made, dog goes, or divorce. It's not at all easy for any parent left at home to be a young Mum never mind look after a 'lovely dog (within THEIR own company) but a horribly scary dog if additional people came in to the equation - posty included.

The Male of the family completely doted over this dog and clearly saw the good in her deep down, but also knew that his marriage would just not last if the four of them were to stay together so a decision had to be agreed upon.

Over the years he had had this dog to training sessions in his area but clearly this had not worked. So, at this crucial time, or as a last resort he contacted Judi to see if she could help or preferably take the dog on full time. Well, if any of you know\Judi, if she feels a dog's issue is resolvable then she will go her end to solve it and if she feels a dog is totally matched to an owner then she will try even harder to solve the problem.

So, 5 days later the whole family came up with the dog, Judi assessed the dog, went for a walk with the Male owner, the dog and shortly after joined one of her own dogs on the same walk and little could the owners believe that their dog was walking with another dog, placidly and without the threat of eating it and spitting it out again for supper! She greed to keep it for five days to give it some training sessions and to give them a 'proper, unanxious, family break'. She had a word with all of them regarding her belief that having seen the family together, baby included, with this dog that there absolutely was a way round this as she, the dog, was completely besotted with them, in a positively caring way with no form of aggression whatsoever.

Judi's work on this dog started from the minute she was let out of the car until four hours prior to her owners returned to pick her up 5 days later.

From what Judi had experienced with this dog, her past, before going to the present owners that is, was clearly of a 'protective nature, perhaps where she had had to protect a building or people. She had also been tied up for a period of time and had learnt the quickest of tricks to get herself out of a situation, However, she, like all animals and humans had a key and it was Judi's job to unlock it and to make or teach the dog what was acceptable behaviour and what was not.

Again Judi did not use food as Bribery and corruption just Canine rewards, some of which, she believes triggered off the dogs memory of being a happy and a much loved puppy instead of her memory of being beaten by her initial owners for what ever reason. After this basic lesson was encouraged 3 days later her behaviour changed big time. Although there was still one issue that Judi felt had to be resolved before her Owners arrived pick her up. But then came the potentially dreaded phone call -" we have decided not to keep the dog on, my wife just can't cope". Judi listened and spoke to both parties about the improvement on the dog and managed to come to an agreement that if after a month of her returning she had not improved then this dog's future would have to be re-assessed.

After this phone call Judi felt gutted for the dog, especially after she had worked and responded so very well to her requests. More work was carried out on her and lo and behold by that afternoon she could be let out in the yard with another 3 dogs milling around and CATS and horses and a sheep. Although ducks and geese were a bit too tempting, but given that she had only been there for three days she had done tremendously well.

Her owners came to pick her up and Judi showed them techniques of introducing her to people and how to answer the door without having to put her out of sight, and that evening by the time they returned South, the cat for the first time in about 3 years was sitting in the same room under the same roof - unheard of before - and Judi's suggestions were carried out.

As the Male owner said, now that you have shown her to ask and how to respond it is now down to me to carry this through and I WILL. Judi received the odd phone call for guidance but so far, so good the dog is still with the family and respects her place within it as the family respect her place as well.

Judi totally felt the dedication this dog had for this family and it would, as far as she was concerned would have been cruel on the dog to re home it without giving her a canine chance in a human's world.

Judi felt extremely humbled after this dog went away, because this dog truly worked so hard given such a short period of time to learn in . . . a tremendous story and one she will not forget - THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS DOG A CHANCE

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