Friday, 15 November 2013

I.B.S. - resolved

Case Study F  I.B.S.

A lady had been suffering from severe stomach cramps, bloatedness, discomfort on bowel movement since she was a child. In fact she couldn't remember having a week without some form of discomfort. 

Her paths happened to cross with Judi's during which time she brought her issues to the fore of the conversation. 

Judi brought up her opinion on food stuffs and liquids and how they can have a serious effect on specific individual chemical balances and 'lifestyle' after which time the lady wondered whether Judi could have a look in to her dietary needs. 

A list of positive and negative solids and liquids were made up specifically for this lady and in just a matter of days she saw a huge improvement. However, at first, on the odd occasion, when this lady was out for dinner she cheated by the way of eating something that was negative for her system but she suffered for it after, sometimes only half an hour afterwards, feeling bloated, constipated and uncomfortable.  

After years of numerous varieties of medication, internal examinations, Doctors and hospital appointments she feels so much more comfortable and is relieved that she does not have to try all the new medication the Doctors have often suggested in an attempt to ease her situation. She can solve the issue herself now and has reaped the benefits of it by : 

  • Sleeping better - making her less irritable 
  • Not having to sit on the toilet for hours
  • Having much more energy
  • Feeling she can now go out and eat with her friends without Ithe dread of the pain afterward
  • Not feeling so depressed
For Judi it is always wonderful to see someone else who has benefited by listening to their inner needs rather than suffering such discomfort and unease. 

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