Friday, 15 November 2013

Skin Issue - resolved

Case studies G : Skin issue

X  Discovered Judi's ability  by word of mouth in 2003. She had been suffering from an embarrassing skin issue, off and on, for about 4 years. She was fed up of it, tired from her lack of sleep due to itchiness, slightly more short tempered and fed up that the medication suggested by her Doctor did not make much of a difference. An appointment was arranged and her specific issues discussed after which time a diet sheet was promptly created to suit her individual chemical balance.  With great relief, after a few days, her skin improved dramatically. Now she knows what to stay clear of. However, if she cheats - or has too much of a negative food then it can become slightly irritated again. After a few months of being on her specific diet her own chemical balance settled down and her initial diet sheet was re-assessed. The highly scored negative foods remained negative but some of the lower scored negative foods changed to being positive so were re-introduced with no negative side effects. She now manages to have a non embarrassing social life, can sleep, has much more energy and is just so relieved that she can now control it and live a normal life.

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