Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Lakeland Terrier X

This little person was a rescue dog, he was cute, very loving little creature, but he had 'a control issue' in that he felt he had to control everyone in the house as well as the door bell and any one that dared ring it. He domineered the seats in the living room and would bark at anything that dared walk past, cat, dog or human. He dictated that he should go out all doors first as well as control the lead whilst out for a walk. . . . a totally controlling dog but who knew how to make every one love him so that he would get away with it - The owners had had enough and had been to the local 'animal rescue home' to see if they could help because their lives were beginning to be unbearable. Judi was asked to join them because of her experience with such a wide variety of dogs but before she joined them she asked if the whole of the dog's family could be there so that they could not only share the technique used but watch how and why the dog reacted after certain commands that Judi asked of him.

Having pre-programmed them that as soon as she appeared she would have the dog at the forefront of her mind and act accordingly (as and when she felt it was right to act). Within 15 minutes Judi had found this particular dogs key and thereafter the dog realised what it was she was asking him to do and what she was NOT going to put up with! The dog owners noticed a huge difference and almost sat with their mouths wide open in disbelief .

The owners said that it would perhaps be a bit more difficult for them to adjust THEIR ways, but as Judi said, this would be no more as difficult for them as it was for the dog. This dog, thanks to Judi finding a Communication level that the dog understood, did change for the better and the family were so relieved.

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