Friday, 15 November 2013

Itchy feet . . .


As we come in to Winter many feet more often than not find themselves stuck in wellies, boots, thick socks, ankle boots with little or  no natural air.

However, as an addition to this, we also have a tendency to eat more fatty foods such as chocolate, cheese and bread which can also not do feet or hands any favours.

If you find you tend to suffer from Winter time itchy feet syndrome, then think what you have eaten for approximately 4 days before hand . . . . you will probably find that your sugar intake has increased . .  . reduce these specific foods and cleanse your feet regularly with either Witch hazel, then some moisturizing cream such as Neutrogene Moisturizing cream (the blue and black labelled bottle or tub - not the blue and red bottle) and a few days later you should find they have dried up fairly quickly. As an added suggestion we sometimes recommend that you lather your feet in this cream at bedtime and pop a pair of socks on so that your feel benefit from the cream and not your bed clothes.

If on the other hand they haven't, which we will be surprised at, then feel free to contact us and we will analyze your diet further. . .

Itchy feet can be a complete nuisance, especially when you sit down after a hard days work - - well you don't need to suffer any more  . . . . . help your feet feel itch free.

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