Friday, 15 November 2013

The locked in becomes unlocked . . .

Case Studies H :  "Locked in"

This is about a gentleman who, for years,  had been in a nursing home, unable to communicate at all.  The nurses and staff, as they, nine times out of ten always do, did a tremendous job looking after him, although sometimes it wasn't easy with the lack of his ability to talk.

The head of this particular nursing home asked Judi if she would be prepared to organise an 'Art' workshop with some of her Clients / Patients with a view to helping all of them but in particular this Gentleman to communicate. A schedule was set up and by the end of the first Session this gentleman had drawn an amazing picture - one that was from his past and meant a lot to him emotionally. This was an incredibly moving day for not only the staff but for Judi and of course the Gentleman - tears all round - because this gentleman had been GIVEN A CHANCE to be 'unlocked' and was communicated with on a level that he could understand and cope with. From then on he never looked back and his life became so much easier for all involved.

Judi still has a photocopy of the amazing drawing this gentleman did - she was so, so proud of him.

With this case in mind perhaps you would like to go to this link to read a precious poem that she and some of the children under her charge created - "Locked in " How some humans and animals feel"

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