Friday, 15 November 2013

Stroke related issue resolved

Case Studies J :  Stroke victim

Strokes can be a huge shock to any ones's system resulting in irritation and frustration at not being able to do what they used to be able to do. Often having to adjust to using the opposite hand to the one they have been used to using, having to adjust to not working, or not being able to carry out their hobbies of many years. These issues in themselves can be so demoralising creating boredom and often upset within the whole family because of the sufferer's lack of 'self worth'.

It is so important that all individuals can somehow regain this feeling of 'self worth'  albeit by doing something that their new found abilities can cope with and eventually become interested in, even if it is just till their system has learnt to adjust  to their new way of life. However, this word adjust is said with such ease but in reality to carry it out is so, so difficult but with the correct type of encouragement their key can be unlocked and often quicker than you think, AND without having to go through the elimination game of which hobby might allow them to recover quicker. But by the time the first 5 different potential hobbies are introduced the sufferer can become fed up and even more despondent because of inner frustration and the inability to communicate. But more importantly the 'crucial time factor' for encouraging activity after a stroke is lost. It is this time that can either encourage or discourage the sufferer to either give in or  not give in to their disability.

In this case we were asked to help a gentleman to become less despondent, so, using our Holistic approach we managed to find his key much quicker than the traditional choice by 'elimination '. We discovered after working with him for 10 minutes that something as simple as a bit of white paper, a pencil and a rubber allowed him to create a tremendous country scene, with stone dykes, a lake, some birds, some sheep and of course a sheep fold - you will not be surprised to hear this Gentleman used to work the land! He continued to draw for months which allowed the 'adjusting period' to pass so much quicker instead of wallowing  in his chair and becoming more and more frustrated with his inability to participate in much or indeed the frustration of trying to put even a short sentence together.

Not long after he started to walk and even now - ten years on - he manages to enjoy carpet bowling and socialising with his friends with many walks and can on 'rainy days' still be found drawing with his pencil and rubber -  the rubber being used as a tool not an eraser.

The pictures this Gentleman created were absolutely terrific - not only did he shock him self but he also shocked his family -  which was terrific. He gave them all a framed sketch for their Christmas - their first ever home made present and one which they have treasured since because it was the first thing their Father had ever made them.

It bought tears of happiness to everyone involved.

2013 has to be a year of change for us all with the introduction of ways to help protect  ourselves, our friends and pets from the ever increasing illnesses such as the average cold to more severe health issues such as acid reflux, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, skin issues and many others, if you know of any one or any animal who needs help, please give them a chance to have  a quality of life. We are here to help.

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