Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dental injection - local Anesthesia - Adrenalin

Dentist over time have changed their form of ways to numb the potential pain - some of you will remember when there was no pain relief at all, then you were  encouraged to hold something and squeeze it tight to take your mind off the pain, then there was gas, an injection, but over the last number of years they have introduced Adrenalin in to the injection, if nothing else but for speed. So more Clients can perhaps go through their doors on a daily basis.

More and more people are having side effects from it and some of these can be a change in blood pressure, palpitations, sweating. Instead of listing them all here we have added a couple of links, one is a forum where people talk of their experiences and another is a Website giving you additional information on Adrenalin injections.

If you experience or have experienced any of the symptoms, please tell your Dentist/Doctor, there is a 'non adrenalin injection available.




There are other sites out there so don't be frightened to investigate further. .

The side effect from this drug can make you feel very unstable, so please don't drive until you feel better. If you do have a side effect from it your Dentist or Dental Staff should encourage you to stay with them until you have returned to feeling normal.


When it comes to our Animals, they can't speak, so remember this drug can also give them the same side effect . . .

Everyone doesn't react in the same way to drugs, but many do, look out for the warning signs.

Be particularly watchful over older individuals who may already have health issues similar to those mentioned in the above articles.

On behalf of many who have had to go through this quite frightening experience thank you for taking time to read this article.

Perhaps if you have had an experience  you could add it to the above forum or on to this page so that others can share it with you.

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