Monday, 25 November 2013

8047 views so far, . . . wonderful . . . more humans and animals given a chance to have a voice . . .

8047 views on Nature's Physician Global Health Mission --- fantastic - more humans and animals being given the chance to have a voice and to be understood . . . . wonderful . . . just what this site was created for . . . if you have a question on any human or animal who is locked in or not given the chance to have a voice or who has a health issue that no one is getting to the bottom of, feel free to ask and we will write an article according to our experiences and results - - - let's hope more individuals can be helped along with the ones that have been helped to date . . . let's stop humans domineering or dictating the lives of many animals . . . you would like to be given a voice, so why shouldn't they . . . on behalf of many - thank you.

Another link is Lauder Lass the horse who was too scared to be touched, who was going to be sent to slaughter all because of a massive lack of understanding and an inability to hear her voice . .. . . look at her now . . . what an example to the animal world indeed, if only others, could be given this same chance . .. but with thanks to networking more and more animals are being given this chance, one day we will have equality where all animals and human can live together peacefully with respect and appreciation of each others ways . . . we are doing our bit and thanks to this site and others many of you are helping as well, hope you are all going to continue promoting the need to communicate with all no matter whether it is a health problem or communication issue

Many animals need your help, although we are passionate and communicate with all animals 'elephants are particularly special to us' . . . . . and is one member of our world who needs all the support possible at the moment . . . there are many sites about Elephants and we will shortly be giving you a list, but in the meantime take a wee peek at and you will discover some dreadful stories, who is behind them . . . life is so cruel, unfair and often a corrupt but with your help we can make it healthier for all . . . thank you.

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