Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pugs health issues resolved naturally

Another morning and another happy dog - - It's always so humbling to see a dog improving so much after just a diet change and it being allowed a voice.

This dog is based in America (Nature's Physician is based in Scotland) - thanks to the Internet and various programmes available we have been able to take positive and fast action to alleviate the health issues. Had we still been using 'snail mail' then this dog would not have improved so rapidly. . . . so thank you Internet.

Prior to the owner discovering Nature's Physician the dog had to go through numerous uncomfortable tests at the Vets and the owner ended up having to pay numerous 100's of dollars per visit but very little changes could be seen in the health of the dog.

 The Vets had said to the owner that they would probably have to put the dog down, but because she loved her dog so much she went home and surfed the Internet and came across us through another friends 'LIKES', she then did a bit more research on us and read various case studies and took the bull by the horns and contacted us.

24 hours after one Session, via the Internet, this dog began to show signs of improvement. Started to eat, pass bowels and her general character picked up no end. Every 4-6 months we have a quick half hour Session - a rain check almost -  just to check her individual chemical balance, her diet and any changes that might be needed . . .

Pugs, as some of you may know tend to suffer from quite a few health issues but with this little Dog and her  new diet sheet she is amazing and does not suffer from the majority of 'Pug health issues' at all.

For us it is wonderful that this natural method, which resolves many issues and doesn't just mask them like many medications do, works on so many animals . . . and that such quick result can clearly be seen . . but more to the point and certainly more importantly their OWN needs are addressed and not what the human thinks the animal needs. All animals can tell us what they need to make them better or if there is nothing that will make them better - - - giving this animal this choice gives them a 'verbal right' as much as we have a verbal right to explain our own needs . . . GIVE ALL ANIMALS THIS CHANCE and our world would be a much healthier place . . for all - - HUMANS INCLUDED.

On behalf of many animals who have gone before us without being given this unique chance - thank you . .

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