Friday, 15 November 2013

Stomach ache and Wind

Case Studies I :  Stomach ache/wind

A gentleman had suffered from severe wind causing extreme pain usually after his lunch/tea and once he lay down at bedtime.  He was also partial to the odd glass of alcohol (or 2) but again, after a few of these he would also suffer the consequences with wind being the most severe. His scalp had a tendency to flair up but he had not connected the two issues together. During the years he had these issues he just bought, as many do and would do, Anti itch shampoo and took stomach settlers  to keep the problem at bay and considered these issues as part of life, however the settlers often just took the surface of the pain away so he still had to cope with a milder form of discomfort/pain.

When he discovered that this Holistic approach could possibly help he asked for guidance. So, a diet sheet (including alcohol) specific to his chemical balance was created and he has never looked back since. He now, after 10 years, automatically knows what is good for him, almost as if his 'basic instinct' as come in to play. He knows exactly what types of flours. sugars, teas and, more importantly for him, what type of whisky / beer  he can take without negative consequences and thanks to all this his itchy scalp  and wind has never returned.

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